Ryanair Slash Flights to Spain


It's more bad economic news for Spain, as recent government plans to increase revenue through airport tax hikes seem to have backfired. In response to the rises, Ryanair (never ones for a mild reaction...) announced that they will be cutting three routes to Spain and reducing the number of flights to both Madrid's Barajas and Barcelona's El Prat airport.

Routes between Manchester and the Spanish capital, East Midlands and BCN and Leeds Bradford and BCN will be scrapped from November, whilst the budget airline will also reduce the number of flights on 46 other routes from Spain.

CEO, Michael O'Leary gave the following statement, defending the move: "Ryanair objects to the Spanish government's decision to double airport taxes at both Madrid and Barcelona airports. Sadly, this will lead to severe traffic, tourism and job cuts at both airports this winter. Ryanair's cuts alone will cause a combined loss of 2.3 million passengers and more than 2,000 jobs at Madrid and Barcelona El Prat airports to other lower-cost airports elsewhere in Europe, where Ryanair continues to grow."

Meanwhile EasyJet has also announced it will be closing its base at Madrid airport this winter, citing higher taxes as one of the reasons.

Source: Barcelona Life


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