King of Spain Breaks Hip Elephant Hunting


The popularity of Spain's royalty hit a near all-time low this week when news broke that King Juan Carlos had been elephant hunting in Botswana recently. The story got out after it was discovered that the King had to be flown back to Spain for surgery on a broken hip, after the 74-year-old had slipped during his holiday. If he was expecting sympathy however he was very much mistaken. Instead there has been an almost unprecedented outpouring of rage against the ageing monarch, with many calling on him to abdicate his throne.

Firstly there are those who are angry that their King is on a 30,000 euro holiday whilst the country suffers from a severe economic crisis, whilst many more are outraged that their head of state has been active in such a despicable and cruel 'sport'. The biggest irony of all? King Juan Carlos is honorary president of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). So far nearly 100,000 have signed a petition demanding he be removed from the post.

Whilst in BL's opinion hunting elephants is indefensible it should be pointed out that Botswana has more than 150,000 of the probiscideans, with a government spokesman of the African nation saying:

"It's something the world doesn't understand. We don't know what to do with all of them, they are too many. We've tried giving them to other countries."

In the face of overwhelming public approbation the Spanish King offered a public apology as he left San Hose hospital in Madrid, simply stating: "I'm very sorry, I made a mistake. It won't happen again."

It's the latest in a mini-series of royal scandals that includes allegations of his son in law, Inaki Urdangarin, misusing public funds and his 13 year old grandson, Felipe Juan Froilan, shooting himself in the foot after being allowed to fire live arms during a target practice session.

Source: Barcelona Life


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