La Sagrada Familia To Finally Host Mass


It's only taken the odd 127 years, but Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpiece La Sagrada Familia cathedral is nearly finished.

Not many Catalans (maybe that toothless woman who sometimes begs on its steps) will remember the date when Gaudi began work on his most important work, but we can tell you it was 1882. The architect died in 1926 leaving the building unfinished and future generations unsure how best to complete the project.

There has been, and still is, much debate on how Gaudi envisioned the finished cathedral but nonetheless the current chief architect Jordi Bonet I Armengol (who himself has dedicated an impressive 40 years to the project) has announced that the by the summer of 2010 the apse roof will be in place and the church will be ready to host its first ever mass.

The rest of the required work however isn't scheduled to be completed by 2026 - which at least will co-incide with the 100th anniversary of Gaudi's death. When asked, during his lifetime, about the exorbitant time La Sagrada Familia was taking Gaudi is said to have remarked, with typical curtness: "My client is not in a hurry."

Source: Barcelona Life


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