posted by LizzyD on Dec.22.2015

My partner (Brazilian) and I (British) are moving to Barcelona with our baby of 10-months (Australian) in 2020. Presently, we are living in Sydney, Australia. I will most probably continue to teach English as a Foreign Language. My partner has a degree in Business (from Brazil), but would like to study Accounting (probably in Australia or online) so he will have more job opportunities in Barcelona. Does anyone know what the minimum qualification and experience requirement to work as an accountant in Spain is? My partner speaks fluent Spanish and my Spanish is of an advanced level (C1). Thank you in advance for any advice you can give. Lizzy:)

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Hi! Itīs not absolutely necessary to have a degree for working as accountant in Spain. If you have a degree in Economy or Business it is easier to find a job in accounting but not mandatory. The most important is the experience and your knowledge on that. Even you could be tested by employer with some accounting exercises to see your level. I recommend to do a postgraduate or similar in Spanish accouting and after looking for a job on that. Regards

posted by juan10 on Sep.04.2016