Beware Conartist in Barcelona by name of Goran Markovic
posted by Traveling_Bug on Jun.23.2015

There is a serial conartist and convicted fraudster travelling In Europe. His name is Goran Markovic Serbian born Australian citizen with Australian accent(age ~ 56, about 6 feet tall, very thin with short grey hair, angular shaped face). He pretends to be an Australian spy, helicopter pilot, and Interpol investigator. Other scams include selling fake visas and fake Qantas tickets. He is very convincing. See for details of his scams

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An update to the posting about a convicted conartist Goran Markovic who has been operating in Europe for the past 10 years scamming and stealing from people. In addition to his "spy scams", selling fake Qantas tickets and Australian visas there is evidence of him trying to con English speaking expats in France, Spain and Italy by offering his "building" expertise and asking for a deposit up front before disappearing. Be wary if you come across him, he is very convincing.

posted by Traveling_Bug on Aug.24.2015