Barca vs. Real Zaragoza 6 Tickets For Sale
posted by Editor on Dec.15.2010

Hi guys, my friend bought tickets to the wrong Barca match for his Barcelona visit (he's not the brightest) so I'm now in possession of 6 tickets for round 27, FC Barcelona vs. Real Zaragoza, due to take place on the 6th March 2011. Tickets are up high behind one of the goals (Boca 449), all in row 17. Face value of the tickets is 44.50 euros per ticket and I'm sure my friend would like to recoup as much of the value as possible. Get in contact if you're interested in all, or some, of the tickets!

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I doubt this game will be going ahead on the date you've stated - its two days before the champions league tie against Arsenal? Their website still has it as scheduled but it will be moved.

posted by rgwhunter on Dec.20.2010

Hey thanks for the heads up. Let's see what dates they give. I'll post again when we can be more sure.

posted by Editor on Dec.20.2010

Hi, do u still have the tickets for today barcelona - real zaragoza match? is yes pls let me know, i need 2 tickets. thanks you..ivan

posted by cws_ivan on Mar.05.2011

Hi sorry, I managed to shift them so sorry wasn't able to help by the time you posted! Hope you made it somehow!

posted by Editor on Mar.07.2011