Babysitter Barcelona
posted by nikitademooij on Jan.08.2013

I dont know if this is the right way to do it, but i would like to introduce myself as babysitter and hopefully can get an intake or interview so i can start working here in bcn. I am 24 years old and i already live in bcn for a year this month. I hope you can help me, if not with you maybe somewehere else. Below you can find an interview so you have an idea who i am.

1. Tell us about your current job (or most recent): when you started; your role and your responsibilities?
Right now i am unemployed. I moved to Barcelona in January 2012 and went working in a callcenter. i got this job via via. Last month i quit there because thats not really my thing. Back in Holland ive worked for several families as a babysitter. During the day i did the housekeeping and in lunch time i picked up the kids from school. Girl of 7 and boy of 5. After school time i cooked for them and waited till the parents got home. Another familie was just in the weekend, they had a restaurant so they needed someone to take care of the kids during the weekend. That was one day full of fun stuff and playing games and sunday helping with schoolwork and playing educating games. The parents preferred that. Being a aupair or a fulltime nanny is not really comment in Holland for Dutch girls.

2. Why do (did) you want to leave your current job?
Because callcenter work was nice but i didnt feel like i really did something that i loved and i think thats really important.

3. What were your previous salaries and benefits in your last three positions?
In the babysitting job during the week i earned 500 euro a month because i worked 3 days during the week. The weekend job got me 100 euro each week because they were long days. I also had other families but there i only worked once in a while a night when parents went out, 50 euro for the night.

4. What are your long-term interests and goals?
Right now im just living and enjoying my life in Barcelona. My boyfriend proposed to me with christmas so we will get married, but dont know when yet. For now enjoying and being happy is my number 1 priority!

5. Why do you want to be a nanny / Au Pair (again)?
Because i love to work and play with kids. It makes me feel like one and i think it keeps you young. Kids are happy and fun and enjoying. Also i grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters so its also like im kind of used to be surround kids. I love to be surrounded with kids and teach them new stuff.

6. Where would you most like to live and work if you could be anywhere?
Spain, definetly... feels like home!

7. Are you seriously considering any other jobs at the moment? Please describe what you like and don't like about each one.
No not really, just want to babysit kids and keeping the house clean so everybody feeld comfortable when they are home.

8. What is your timeframe for making a move?
My timeframe for making a move? Dont understand the question so good. I always make moves right away when i think its necesery to move.

9. What key things are you looking for in your next job?
Happiness, being helpfull, teach new things, having the most fun!

10. What are the most important factors you will use to decide which job you accept?
Personality of the family, definetly. I think that is the most important thing between them and me. There has to be that click otherwise it wont work because of miscommunications, and nobody will get happy of that.

11. What do you think makes you uniquely qualified to serve as an AuPair or Nanny?
I am myself, i am a open minded person. I am kind and really patient. When i play with kids i actually feel like one and kids like that. I am smart so i can also teach them and help them with things or school they dont understand. I just love it and i will give 110%.

12. Can you describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment?
No, each environment and every house will be different, so there is for me no such thing as an ideal place to work. Every home has his own charme and i dont care what it looks like, or what it costs or where it is. I am there to make you and the kids feel comfortable and nice, and thats my job.

13. Can you give me some examples of how you receive constructive criticism?
Constructive criticism is for me just a lesson. And a lesson can never be bad. Specially in this job, because parents will always do something different then the way i will do it and i have to respect them because they are theyre kids. So if someone has citicism i have to listen and try to understand why, and then do it the parents way.

14. What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with? Why?
There are ways to work with al kinds of people. I have never worked in a family where it was difficult. Like i said earlier, you know right away of there is a click or not. And being open and honest about everything will help a lot so there wont be any difficulties.

15. What types of things frustrate or upset you most?
People who doesnt want to listen. I think listening to each other is the most important thing for communication. Thats why its so important to teach kids that that they have to listen but also that they can give there opinion.

16. How do you resolve conflicts?
Talking, being honest, listening to eachother. Works every time.

17. Can you tell us about your previous experiences as an AuPair or nanny?
Yes i can, i think i have done that in the last 16 questions..

18. What were the most difficult challenges you had to overcome in each job?
Making kids finish there food.. they just dont want to understand that eating is healthy, also when it looks green. But we were all like that when we were kids, so make eating a game, sings songs (depents what age they are) Otherwise im quite simpel with that. Dont finish your plate = no desert and go to bed right away.

19. Why did you leave?
I moved to Spain so i finished my weeks with my familys and said goodbye.

20. How would you describe your personality?
Im happy, friendly, spontanious..... i can say what ever i want but really, you should meet me so you can decide for yourself how to describe me. I think its more important what you think of me then what i think of me.

21. How would you characterize your strengths?
I am really patient, i wont finish something when its not done yet. I am not not harsh but i am strict.

22. How would you characterize your weaknesses?
Kids can be my weakness to. There will be always one kid who wants something which he/she cant have and wont stop till they have it. And then i can give in because i think its sad, because kids are the best in playing games. But its not gonna be easy to get to me.

23. Tell us a little bit about what it's like to live with you... Typical bed time, wake time, favorite activities, what do you like to eat, what don't you like to eat?
I am really easygoing. I go to bed when im tired, when im not tired i wont go. Most of the days i wake up quit early because my favourite program starts at 9.00 o clock. This is now because i have no job, i have all the time of the world. Normally i will go to work and go to bed on time so i will be fresh the next day. I eat absolutely everything. If i have never eated something at least i will try it. I love food!

24. How is your health? How many times have you been sick in the past year?
I am quite healthy i think. I think i am sick once a year and then its like really sick, staying in bed for 5 days kinda sick. For the rest im good.

25. How long have you had a driver's license? Any accidents or tickets?
Unfortunetly i dont have a drivers license.

26. What is your educational background?
I have finished high school in Holland. Then i finished a two year education in 1 year for assistent in a daycare. A year later i went back to school because i wanted to be a teacher at primary school. I did 2 years of that 4 year education and then i quit so for the last one i do not have a degree.

27. What do you most want to get out of life?
Happyness and joy. Having lots of fun. Learning lots of new things. Just smile and try to be happy and work hard for that.!