Flat hunting
posted by Jennifer on Oct.10.2010

Hi there. New to Barcelona and looking for a flat. Somewhere central and reasonably priced preferably. Anyone got any advice? Or even better anyone need a room mate - I'm an English girl 25 years old, hoping to find work as a teacher (got two interviews lined up). Tidy and non-smoker.

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Hi Jennifer. Good luck with the search. The best website for flat hunting is undoubtedly www.loquo.com

You may need a Spanish friend to help you if you're language level is not great, but it's a handy resource indeeed!

posted by Editor on Oct.11.2010

Hi Jennifer.

Loquo.com is the best site por room hunting but if you are looking for renting a flat with some friends or you prefer rent a flat on your own have a look to www.enalquiler.com

posted by Montse on Nov.12.2010