Cupcakes anyone?!
posted by arthurandshawn on Nov.03.2012

Hello fellow expats!

We have recently moved from Canada to Spain, and everyone keeps asking us "why", as if we moved to some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland crawling with zombies. But let's not get into that right now. Our plan is to start a cupcake shop, like a bar where you can pick and choose your own flavours, combine your all time favourites and experiment with new ones. Also we will offer a treat-of-the-week from the typical North American cuisine, plus coffee & tea so that you can sit down, and enjoy your sweet day properly.

As you can imagine, starting a business in Spain is not as easy as in Canada (where you can literally do it overnight). While we are jumping thru hoops and cutting red tape, (with a large doze of optimism and a healthy sense of humour), we are also looking for a suitable location. The shop will be in the Costa Blanca area, south of Torrevieja. There is a large base of expats here, with a mix of all nationalities.

At this point we need your LOVE and support. Some of the professional baking equipment can be insanely expensive, and there is no substitute for quality. Banks are not to be trusted, so we have set up a crowd funding site, and if you feel generous today, please go ahead and check it out. You can back the project at any level, and there are some great perks associated with each level (mostly cupcakes for YOU!) If this is not an ideal time for a small push, that's fine too, you can still help out simply by forwarding/reposting this link to your friends/family. Please go to the website Sponsume and under projects search for "cupcake". Here is the direct link too:

Thank you advance, and looking forward to meeting you in person at our cupcake bar!

Arthur and Shawn

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Moving out to Barcelona in a few weeks, so little low on money to donate BUT I will forward this message via email & Facebook.
How did you find the move & setting up shop? Will drop in some time when am settled in, bring you some custom!

posted by AaronWatts on Nov.21.2012

Hi, are you considering having a partner who can invest? if interested please contact me on

posted by leelou on Nov.23.2012