Outdoor climbing wall location
posted by barcelonaclimb on Sep.19.2012

We are in the position of building an outdoor climbing wall in Barcelona city, approximately 12m high and 10m wide with very realistic rock panelling. For a good idea of what we´re envisioning, look at this photo: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-mountaineers-climbing-wall-at-seattle-s-magnuson-park

Location is our only setback at the moment, for anyone who has an idea or a contact for a good location to make this happen then BarcelonaClimb will happily pay 200euros (plus free climbing on the wall of course) for the information / contact if the project goes ahead.

We are looking for a high traffic tourist area, set in a reasonably spacious ground (we need a space of approximately 12m x 5m), preferably with the potential of views from the top of the climb. Our prime example locations at current are Barcelona Zoo, the university campus grounds, and the harbour.
If for example the wall is set on the grounds of a hotel / restaurant then that business will take a share of the revenue and obviously attract many more visitors to the area, a no risk win win situation.

Kind regards, Jon

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There's that huge wall round the side of MACBA and CCCB in Raval. Loads of passing traffic and visibility and not much currently there... it's already a famous area for skateboarding and hanging out and would get great press if you could pull it off!

posted by Duncan on Oct.02.2012