Are you interested in taking over a small business outside Barcelona?
posted by finaromallopart on Sep.18.2012

I run a cafe and sandwich bar just outside Barcelona, within reach by train, car or bus. For personal reasons I wish to transfer the business to someone else. The space is 140 square metres and has 10 tables and capacity for 40 customers. Two small studios are also available for rent in the same building thus eliminating any commute to work. Please contact me for details. Additional information is also posted here

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I might be biting off more than I can chew here... But having had absolutely no experience in this line of work before, it, for whatever reason, really interests me. What is the exact location please of the cafe? Perhaps we can contact each other via e-mail? Thanks.

posted by chrisporter14 on Sep.21.2012

I think,You should contact with any good local business consultant for that.Definitely,you will get better results....

All the best!!!

posted by jdicosta on Sep.14.2013

Hello finaromallopart!

This sounds like a great opportunity for the right person, but I feel that the parties get the best results you should use a business consultant, has more information on this.

I hope that has helped.

posted by on Dec.17.2013