New to the forum
posted by thor001 on Jul.13.2016

Hi folk, me the wife and the dog are traveling down by motorhome, we live full time in the American RV, we are going to be visitors for a couple of month while we decide whether to make Barcelona area our new home. Looking for a bit of advice, Firstly, my dog, a GSD I know, very dangerous, even though she is soft as a brush. But as a tourist dog with passport and all the obvious in place, 1m lead and a very reluctant muzzle, (the reluctance is mine) is there anything else I need to know, I will deal with her residency if and when a decision is made on staying.
Also, if we do stay permanent, we would be looking for a small piece of land just out of the way of the hustle and bustle to park up on a long term rental to live and do business, enough for my RV and a container. Is such land available for long term let in the region, and is there anything I need to know before renting such a piece of land. One more thing, any ideas on affordable places to park up for our initial period would be appreciated, obviously we will head for a campsite to get our bearings but being full timers we look for more realistic options. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from my new neighbors.