David Bowie Is

25/5/2017 - 15/10/2017

It's not often an event resonates with the Barcelona Life staff as much as this one... growing up in the 80s in England Bowie's music felt like an essential part of the fabric of British society - indeed it still does. I was in Beckenham when he died, the same town when Bowie lived in the late 60s, famously throwing the Free Festival in the same park where I later spent many sunny afternoons goofing around with friends, and creating the Beckenham Arts Lab in the same pub where I would later work (albeit half heartedly). In both the park and outside the pub locals left incredibly moving tributes to the star who changed their lives with his creativity and fearless attitude. To say he left his mark on the world would be an understatement to those that idolised and adored him, well into their later years.

The people of Barcelona also know a genius when they see one and the first anniversary of his death was celebrated at Sala Razzmatazz with an epic five hour concert by bands from all around Spain who came to cover his famous, and lesser known, tracks.

For Bowie fans then this is an unmissable and poignant event: David Bowie Is is retrospective of the pop star's incredible life and career with more than 300 objects on display together for the first time including handwritten lyrics, costumes, photographs, films, videos and the instruments used by the musician himself.

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address: Pl. de les GlÚries Catalanes, 37-38