BIG IF - Barcelona Improv Festival

7/11/2013 - 9/11/2013

Ten improv teams and performers from the US, Canada, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Turkey, and Israel, are all coming to Barcelona this November to put on the largest English-language improv comedy festival that's ever been attempted, aka the Barcelona Improv Group International Festival aka The Big IF. Three nights will barely be enough to contain this monumental gathering of performers who don't need to hide behind scripts, costumes, or sets. In total there will be 15 shows of completely unscripted, never-before-seen and never-to-be-repeated laugh out loud comedy events. Go for the whole shebang or grab a festival pass and pick and choose which shows you'll see. Interested in learning how it's done? Take a class from one of the group's five master teachers coming from across the globe. This is a show you won't want to miss! The action takes place at the Fundació Orfeo Gracienc and tickets are €10/night or €25 for all access pass.

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address: Fundació Orfeo Gracienc, C/d’Asturies 83