La Laia: The Festival of Santa Eulalia

9/2/2013 - 12/2/2013

Santa Eulalia is one of two patron saints of Barcelona, despite never making it out of teenage years. The poor 13 year old (or so the story goes) was rolled down a hill in a barrel of blades and broken glass for refusing to recant her Christianity. Her annual feast day falls on the 12th of February and is dedicated to Catalonia's similarly angelic (but hopefully more lucky) children. If you have kids then take them down to Placa Sant Jaume where the festival will be celebrated with gegants (giants), castellers (human castles), sardanes, (Catalan dance), correfoc (fire-running) and live theatre, workshops, stories and puppet shows. Typically many of these activities will be repeated in the days surrounding the 12th, and although we haven't heard 100% confirmation, festivities should start on the 9th Feb.

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