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Despite opening in 1908, at the height of Barcelona's art nouveau movement, Meson David is styled in the earthy and jovial image of a traditional Spanish tavern - the sort you could imagine Don Quixote popping into after a hard day of battling windmills and wicked enchanters. With its white-washed walls, wooden ceiling beams and big oak barrels behind the bar, Meson David is the kind of no-nonsense restaurant where you expect big portions of delicious food and drink, all at a decent price. And in that case you certainly won't go home disappointed. Everything from the Galician soups to the Catalan salads, and not forgetting the Basque hake and Navarra trout, come in giant quantities, whilst the tables full of convivially chatting locals are a testament to the high quality of authentic Spanish cuisine on offer. For a special occasion it would be hard to imagine a better venue than Meson David's upstairs chambers, where a low brick ceiling arches over banquet tables to create a number of intimate private salons.

Meson David

Since I moved to Barcelona my friends have been telling me how good this place is. But it was only last week when I finally went to Meson David and ... OMG! The "pulpo a feira" was the best I've ever had. It is hard to find local places like this in Barcelona nowadays, not pretentious but traditional and with real Spanish tapas! And the best sangria in town. It is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday or any other special ocassion!

reviewed by Maria from Spain on May.21.2012

We were there in 2010 and 2011 several times and can recommend it. It's all absolutely authentic and the service warm. The food is typically Spanish. Necessarily the "pajamas" and the "Chupito" taste. The oil and vinegar dispensers are - which really is not always the case in Barcelona - always clean and filled. It's just fun to be there - our "hangout" in the city.

reviewed by Christian from Germany on Apr.04.2012

Cheap, delicious food with a vibrant atmosphere. This place is great for large groups.

reviewed by Ruby from United States on Jan.14.2012

The place that is really close to the Barcelona center. Homemade food: meat and fish dishes and very good prices

reviewed by Elia from Italy on Nov.22.2011

A great find of a restaurant. Huge portions of freshly cooked meat and seafood. It feels like an old tavern, and is a great place for a hearty meal. The atmosphere is very rough and ready, but all with good humour. Not a place for those on a diet!

reviewed by Michael from United Kingdom on Oct.26.2011

I lived across the square from Meson David for 3 months and would stop by for a quick meal. The place is friendly but loud and welcomes people from all over--they have menus in English and French. It was popular enough to have a line on some evenings.

reviewed by Chris P from United States on Sep.28.2011

I went to Meson David several times because the first time was perfect. The staff, the food and prices have been adequate. It is a Galician and any time I went there I was treated well and the food has been abundant. The great atmosphere, always noisy because it's always packed and there are always local people from Barcelona and also, like me, who go there often (there's a reason). Quality, good price and good atmosphere.

reviewed by R. from Spain on Sep.08.2011

Great atmosphere, ridiculously big plates of food and some of the most succulent ham I have ever tasted. It's kind of hidden away a bit in Raval so make sure you bring a map because this is probably the best value for money restaurant I've been to in Barcelona!

reviewed by Mr. D. from United Kingdom on Nov.30.2010



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