La Llavor dels Origens

address: C/Ramon y Cajal 12

tel: +34 93 2136031

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With three locations in equally trendy neighbourhoods - one in boho Gracia, two in hipster central El Born - Origens specialises in traditional Catalan food (something that can be surprisingly tough to find in Barcelona). It's all made with eco-friendly local produce and, more importantly, tastes delicious. This is the perfect place to go to get a taste of classic local dishes, like duck from the Emporda region served with pears from nearby Lleida, or crispy "coca" toasted bread topped with local produce. Origens has lots of vegetarian-friendly options, as well as a kids' menu.

La Llavor dels Origens



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reviewed Feb.08.2017
"Excellent Mediterranean dishes with amazing views. I love the business lunc..."
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