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address: C/Boria 17

tel: +34 (93) 3100881

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From the moment the bell tinkles announcing your arrival at this bar/restaurant in El Born, it's clear you've entered somewhere a little different. A huge clockwork cat's face has been constructed on one wall from a couple of scratched spherical metallic lamp-stands (eyes) and sticky black tape (whiskers), whilst cheap plastic felines from China wave their paws at you, and a collection of apparently random but Cat-based exhibits - including a motorbike (DuCATi), some plantlife, several sketches and Cat's graduation photo (after whom the venue is named) embellish the rest of the bar. It's not only the decor that's rare. In a meat-addicted city, Cat Bar is Barcelona's only vegan restaurant, and on the menu you'll find delicious vegan tortillas and quiche (secret recipe!), burgers and sausages, as well as all-day breakfasts (with thick English chips) and homemade cakes, bread and smoothies - all served until closing time. You can even order four different types of Artisan beer, one ecological, to go with or without your meal. Cat Bar is also WiFi enabled for Internet-addicts, whilst occasionally Karla StereoChemistry performs live, or else friends' CDs and eclectic selections from FMA grace the speakers.

Cat Bar

The place where I've eaten the best veggie burgers, and the best bravas! It's the place I go whenever I feel the need of something really tasty but healthy. They're genius in the kitchen ;)

reviewed by Lorena from Spain on Mar.17.2015

Tasty food, laid back atmosphere, nice decoration, owner muy sympatico! Will come back ;)

reviewed by Zuzana from Czech Republic on Sep.25.2012

Yummy, had the patatas bravas, goulash and the seitan. I loved them all!

reviewed by Gita from United States on Apr.18.2012

Delicious chip butty, with hummus! Plus the beer selection is pretty epic.

reviewed by Duncan from Spain on Mar.14.2012

Amazing range of beers! And if you can find a better carrot soup in Barcelona i'll eat my zapatos...

reviewed by Rhodezinho from Brazil on Oct.08.2011

So so so friendly, a place for all .
It made my time in Barcelona extra special.

reviewed by Dingo Dean from Australia on Dec.14.2010

nice bar, nice food, i went once and was surprised about the food

reviewed by herbert from Austria on Dec.14.2010



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