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address: C/Regomir 26

tel: +34 (93) 3101864

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It might look like the sort of place that would sell you a moldy kebab and then wrong change you, and certainly the abrupt service is nothing to write home about, but El Tropezon is well-known amongst Barcelona cheapskates for some of the most affordable and tastiest tapas in town. After the waiter has found it in him to show you the menu, with its numbered dishes, simply jot down whichever plates you want to order and hand him your list. As with all tapas joints, some delicacies are done better than others, but the xistorras (sausages), pimientos del padrón (spicy peppers) and patatas aioli (chips in mayonnaise sauce) all come highly recommended. What's more the portions are surprisingly generous for tapas and you'll soon forgive the lack of ceremony as they are dumped on El Tropezon's rustic tables for you to devour. Que aproveche!

El Tropezon

This place has always been known for its abrupt service but that was forgiveable when huge plates of tapas arrived for dirt cheap prices. The service however has got ruder and more inept and they've obviously redone the menu with tourist prices... you won't find any dish for less than 5 euros now, and the patatas bravas I ordered at that exorbitant price (we later passed a place on Avinyo selling them for 2 euros) were mediocre. Maybe in the crisis they've decided simply to cash in on the tourist market, but if you're local or looking for an authentic - and good - experience time to cross El Tropezon off your list!

reviewed by Rhodezinho from Spain on Aug.29.2011

Wow, this little treasure blew us away!!! Unbelievable tasty tapas and great buzz... Would recommend to my friends! ;)

reviewed by Philip from Belgium on Apr.30.2011

The equivalent of a tasty 'greasy spoon gafe'. If you're sharing order 2 plates of calamari or the fatties down the other end will scoff it all

reviewed by Ben from United Kingdom on Dec.20.2010

This place is top drawer. Got a genuinely Spanish feel to it.
Hidden in the back streets, this place hasn't 'sold out' to tourist demands.
If this was an English review, the bar could be described as 'spit and sawdust'.
Great tapas with all the usual favourites and some additional ones that I'd not seen before. Tasty, and dead cheap.
Spent less than a £10 and you had to roll me out.

reviewed by Neil P from United Kingdom on Dec.16.2010



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