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Food Tours Barcelona

I've done a few food and drink tours in Barcelona and enjoyed all of them. But this was hands down my favourite. I really liked each of the venues we visited and felt like a left with a really good understanding of why, what and how the city eats...

reviewed by James from United Kingdom on Oct.17.2017


Great place. Lebanese wines are a bit expensive and by the bottle only, but loved the dates wrapped in bacon, the dips and other finger food. Lamb casserole also very nice, although the meat was a little fatty. Good selection of beers. Nice change if you're bored of Spanish tapas!!!

reviewed by DSR from United Kingdom on Oct.04.2017

Opium Restaurant

Excellent Mediterranean dishes with amazing views. I love the business lunch menu option, best quality food for only 16 euros from Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm!!!

reviewed by lydia from Spain on Feb.08.2017


Fantastic bar/bistro. love the décor. Food AMAZING. very inexpensive. staff very friendly and service excellent. this is a new bar/bistro with amazing views, beautifully decorated. I just love this place , highly recommend it.

reviewed by geraldine mcdonnell from Ireland on Jul.08.2016

Els Quatre Gats

Elegance under minimums. With the idea of entertaining to part of our family visiting the city, we went dinner to "Els 4 gats", one of the classic restaurants of the old Barcelona. After trying some very correct “tapas” for which we paid €200 (for seven persons) the personnel of the establishment 'invited' us to leave a review on internet, giving each of us a card with some instructions. Surprised for what it looked to us a slightly elegant attitude of the establishment, one of us suggested with irony that since they were asking us to write a (positive) review for the establishment they could have at least the detail of inviting ourselves to a glass of wine-cellar or something like that. The waiter, with all education, said to us that the director would not allow him such a thing, but that in a moment he would bring us a “chupito de orujo” (a local drink shot), a practice more than usual in all kinds of bars and restaurants after a dinner. Within a few minutes the waiter returns and comments to us that, unfortunately, the direction of the establishment does not allow him to have attentions of this type with the clients. We look at him incredulous. I think it is the first time that I see something like that in Spain. Knowing that, as much, the cost of a “chupito” does not exceed them €0,15, or what is the same thing €1,05 for seven “chupitos”, that is to say 0,005 % of paid by the dinner, one comes to the conclusion of which it is not a matter of costs, but of a total lack of empathy and interest for the customer. A very sad fact when we’re talking about an establishment that years ago was a Barcelona’s classic. Now you know, things have changed: if you want to see for yourselves how far decadence and speculation is arriving to some once emblematic Barcelona’s establishments, we invite you to visit 'Els 4 Gats', they will not disappoint you.

reviewed by Ariel B. from United States on May.17.2016

Sol Soler

Nice atmosphere, brusque but decent service... food good but not amazing. The patatas bravas were as good as most, and I liked the hummus as well, but country style sausages lacked a bit of flavour. Can't argue with the prices though. Would drop by again on this showing.

reviewed by Barna Bee from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2016

Bo de B

Really great sandwiches, haven't eaten anywhere else quite like this in Barcelona. They have a bunch of great toppings you can choose from. The only issue that sometimes there can be a bit of wait -but no complaints about the food.

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.12.2016

Sol Soler

nice place and cheap food thanks for all

reviewed by Jessica from United States on Feb.18.2016

Quimet i Quimet

This is definitely worth a stop because it's one of the historic restaurants in the city. The salmon and truffle oil montadito is worth the trip alone!

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Jan.06.2016

Els Quatre Gats

Over rated and over-hyped. Poor -average food..-tasteless fish. Nice dining room and history..staff disinterested in our disappointment despite the price we paid. They want you in and out with little pleasantry. We will not return and nor should anyone else other than for a beer to look at the room.

reviewed by Bill from United Kingdom on Dec.29.2015

La Fonda

We stay 3 days(July 2015)in Barcelona.We ate fonda's menu at 3 lunch and 3 dinner.It's wonderful.I advice to person who want to learn catalan cousine

reviewed by Mehmet Yildirim from Turkey on Nov.20.2015

Koy Shunka

Sushi and Michelin stars - what's not to like! Amazing food experience :)))))

reviewed by Leah from Australia on Sep.18.2015

Belushi's Bar

So glad this place was right next to our hostel... we were able to just chill out here whenever we needed a break from sightseeing. Great food and snacks and cocktails and always awesome happy people to talk to. Thanks Belushis!

reviewed by Kate from United States on Aug.05.2015


Day five in Barcelona and best food so far. Ticked everyone's box, including the boy whose 16th birthday it was today. Far surpassed the offerings at the well-known American "rock" establishment and half the price. Will definitely recommend it to friends.

reviewed by Elizabeth from United Kingdom on Jul.06.2015

Safra 18 Restaurant

What a great find this was. The décor and atmosphere looked great as we returned from a long walk at the beach. It is a family run restaurant that specializes in Catalan dishes and wines. We travel a lot and expected it to be expensive. But it was excellent value - try the Catalan duck or chicken. We even got the family welcome when we returned a couple of nights later. Visit before it gets too well known and busy.

reviewed by Ken Fox from United Kingdom on Jun.29.2015

Bun Bo Vietnam

This was a great laidback place to start our hen weekend with a good meal and cocktails. The food and drink were great value for the price we paid.

reviewed by Sara from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2015

Cat Bar

The place where I've eaten the best veggie burgers, and the best bravas! It's the place I go whenever I feel the need of something really tasty but healthy. They're genius in the kitchen ;)

reviewed by Lorena from Spain on Mar.17.2015


Love it

reviewed by John from United Kingdom on Mar.01.2015


Small and cramped with slow service are the negative points, but the main thing is the food which is great near eastern finger food. The crampedness does add to the atmosphere as well. Overall a great place for a casual meal. Good wines.

reviewed by James S. from United Kingdom on Feb.23.2015

El Tomas de Sarria


reviewed by Carla from Spain on Jan.22.2015

La Fonda

I've lived in Barcelona for a couple years, and this is one of my standby places to take visitors. The lunchtime menú del día is really reasonably priced, especially for a place right in the city center. The paellas are good too, and really inexpensive. I especially like their paella valenciana.

reviewed by Jess from United States on Dec.01.2014


Really cool place to get something a bit different to eat, and the location is good too. They have tapas-style Asian food here, and I liked everything we ate here. The only downside is that it's always pretty busy. We could have waited a little longer for a table, but I didn't mind eating at the bar.

reviewed by Sarah from United States on Dec.01.2014


Good place, hip atmosphere, young people and good dumplings. I agree with the other reviewer, slightly overrated and hard to get a table though...

reviewed by Polina from United States on Nov.25.2014

Belushi's Bar

Huge delicious burgers and awesome staff!

reviewed by Jess from United States on Aug.22.2014

Gilda By Belgious

Dropped by for some really sensational tapas the other night. Tried the famous shrimps with curry ice cream which is served with pesto and dark leaves and also a lovely cerviche tapas with crispy wafers. And the pa amb tomaquet would make any Catalan proud. All enjoyed with a nice red wine from Madrid. Looking forward to going back and trying the cocktails.

reviewed by Duncan from United Kingdom on Jun.06.2014