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If you haven't sampled the delights of Cava, Catalonia's own take on France's Champagne, then here's your chance. El Xampanyet is considered by many to be the best Xampanyeria (Champagne bar) in the city and the Barcelonese pack this place out on the weekends before hitting the clubs. The colourful ceramic tiles are very much in keeping with Barcelona's Modernisme movement, whilst the house Cava, served in litre bottles is a bubbly well worth imbibing. The unfussy tapas is surprisingly delicious and - importantly - keeps you from keeling over. All-in-all a winner. Find it by the Picasso Museum.

El Xampanyet

A place to go for an experience. I went with my partner, and we slurped down the champagne which flowed from the sexy waitress. Yes, she suggested a mixed plate, and after a couple of glasses it was hard to stop eating the tapas which arrived without prompting. I decided he waitress must be telepathic. Whatever I thought of arrived ! the bill did come to 56 euro which was a bit steep.. BUT... A great experience! Great place... If I didn't have a budget I would be there twice a week!!!

reviewed by Peta from United Kingdom on Apr.29.2013

Great frozen-in-time-style vibe/decor and friendly service. I think I made a mistake when I let the waiter choose a selection of tapas for us as we definitely didn't get the deals before... we shared one bottle of cava and about 5 or 6 basic tapas (meats and cheeses mostly) and it game to 36 euros I think. The guys showed us the bill (rather than left it with us, which I didn't like) and there were one or two tapas that were 8 euros, which is very high in comparison to most joints. Still a very pleasant hour spent and not extortionate.

reviewed by Leighton from United Kingdom on Feb.20.2012

It's fantastic and no nonsense. Do not miss the grissini with a thin lardon (cured pork fat) wrapped around it. Nothing complements the cava better!

reviewed by Laura Cherington from United States on Aug.14.2011

I went in June 2011 with some Spanish speakers and we got a great deal: buy the cava and the tapas is more or less free. The house cava is €1 a glass, and the tapas is something like 20cents extra... a bottle of cava, and 3 plates of tapas cost €15! There were five of us sharing and it was so cheap we got two bottles, then headed across the road for some designer tapas. I personally preferred the food at El Xampanyet, but there is very little vegetarian food other than artichoke hearts.

I'm not sure what Michael ordered, but it certainly didn't cost €20 for a mixed platter. If you don't speak Spanish then learn the phrase for house cava and then point when you see someone ordering some food. The place is always packed with Spanish people, so again, not sure what Michael is talking about.

It's a no nonsense Spanish affair, vibrant cheap and excellent fun. I'm definitely going back next time I'm in Barca.

reviewed by Peter Hall from United Kingdom on Aug.01.2011

Next to the Picasso museum. The bar was full of people reading travel guides and it sure shows on the prices. They don´t have prices posted anywhere and a waiter will recommend you to order a mixed tapas. You´ll get a small plate of cheese, some sausage, a few pieces of bread and tey will charge more than 20 euros for it. You can get so much more at any of the places nearby. It´s a total rip-off, avoid at all cost.

reviewed by Michael from United States on Nov.16.2009



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