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address: C/Tuset 13

tel: +34 (93) 4144217

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The Sutton Club is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive addresses in town and if partying with Barcelona's glitterati is what you're all about then get yourself on the guestlist. Anytime after 2am and lines of long-legged beauties and Spanish playboys shuffle nervously towards the entrance in the hope of sliding past the no-nonsense security. Once inside a palace of cream-coloured couches, low-lit VIP areas and of course spacious dancefloor provide an arena for the city's elite to drink the bar dry and shake their sexy thing to house music laced with R'n'B. Get dressed up and go... or check our guide to the Barcelona nightlife for a rich world of alternatives.

***If you're into your exclusive clubbing then you might like our VIP nightlife tour of Barcelona which ends with guestlist entrance to the city's top hotspot.

Sutton Club

See you soon :) and of july , kisses

reviewed by Eliza Iana from Romania on Mar.26.2016

See you soon :) and of july , kisses

reviewed by Eliza Iana from Romania on Mar.26.2016

See you soon :) and of july , kisses

reviewed by Eliza Iana from Romania on Mar.26.2016

Several of my mates love this place... and the girls are good looking. But it's basically a crap disco. If you go knowing that you should have a good time. If they let you in.

reviewed by Badge from United Kingdom on Jan.14.2015

The club was very discriminating, racist, and corrupt . The security guard refused entry to a group of brown Indian women and even refused to give a reason. I would NEVER go back there again!!

reviewed by Anu sahota from United Kingdom on Jun.15.2013

My daughter and her study abroad group went to this night club, and at their visit was accosted by three large bouncers at the end of their visit and pulled to the back of the Club where they roughed her up and tried to shake her down for money, where their group had already paid for their bill. They threw her up against a wall, beat their fist on the wall around her face, and badly bruised her. The manager was called in, and he didn't calm his goons down until she threatened to take the place down and sue. One of the bouncers spit in one of her friend's face when she tried to protect her. They really feared for their lives!!!! WORD TO ALL AMERICANS, AND ESPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIT OF A SO-CALLED ELITE CLUB. My daughter is precious to me and a very honest girl, but she feared for her life. BEWARE. The Consulate offered no help. I will notify all authorities of these actions.

reviewed by Anonymous from United States on Mar.07.2013

Not on guest list but cruised in. Bar staff kinda... Crap! Was expecting a lot more...

reviewed by Caitlin deas from Ireland on Jan.20.2013

nice nice see you soon Sutton Club

reviewed by tamara from Georgia on Jan.12.2013

what about Django Star in Sutton club... checkout my facebook. (django fernandes)

reviewed by Django Star from Austria on Nov.12.2012

Overhyped, overpriced and overly pleased with itself... I'm definitely over this place! If you're a dumb American kid who's never been a club before you might be impressed. Otherwise stay away.

reviewed by Richie from United Kingdom on Jan.25.2012

i love sutton , thursday was amazing , however it was nearly impossible to get in for my guyfriends .
funny enough everyone in who said tickle my @ss with a feather at the door didnt have to pay cover !

reviewed by jana p from United States on Apr.03.2011

Def very dressy place with lots of beautiful people. Hard to get in although guest list queue is often bigger than usual queue. If you have the money best to get VIP entry with a table

reviewed by Lydia from United States on Jan.13.2011

I have been to Barcelona in September and went to sutton club. Its a place to be and a must to visit in Barcelona. Really exclusive and Posh night club. Also I have found a great website that help me to get free entrance to Sutton and all other best clubs like Opium Mar, Shoko and many other.

reviewed by Lucie B from Spain on Nov.24.2010

Sutton Club is rocking. I'm a regular on Thursdays. The place is off the hook!

reviewed by Jay from United Kingdom on Dec.08.2009

damn right it's exclusive. First time I went they made noises about my footwear and told me to come back another time, the second time(i know sucker for punishment) I had to queue for ages - and I even put myself on the guestlist via Facebook. In fact the guestlist queue was bigger than the regular one, but at least it was moving. A lot of hassle but well worth it for the stunning senoritas

reviewed by Slinks from United Kingdom on Sep.14.2009



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