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You might have thought the owners had Lost their minds when they elected to open this out-there theme bar as a tribute to their favourite American TV show. But at Barcelona Life we like a plucky underdog and our hats go off to the Bharma crew for getting this initiative off the ground. Judging by the regulars already at home here, sipping Bharma beers amidst stone temple arches, vault-doors and a bar adorned with octagonal glowing symbols, the venue has already proved itself a resounding success. In fact the only plane crash is a model one, its tail fins embedded in one of Bharma's walls. As you might expect the bar boasts a huge fantastic quality plasma TV for screening Lost episodes, as well as movies and football matches.


They are screening Episode 1 of the third season of Game of Thrones tonight at 9pm I believe!!! #can't wait!

reviewed by Slinkmeister General from United Kingdom on Apr.01.2013

Seems like this bar is only open Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 3am, plus the days before public holidays. Is that right?

reviewed by Olaf from Sweden on Apr.15.2012

wow luv this place so call! Whod have though you could find such a bar in Barcelona... so weird but totally awesome!

reviewed by Yasmin from United States on Mar.30.2010



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