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So you're in Barcelona... but you don't know anybody, let alone the DJ. So how are you going to get into the city's best nightclubs? Or just as importantly... how are you going to get into the city's best nightclubs without queuing two hours for the privilege? The VIP Club Card is your elegant and, all things considered, cost effective way of solving this problem. For just 27 you can enter 14 of the hottest spots in Barcelona, including Opium, Shoko, CDLC, La Terrrazza, Danzatoria, Astoria and Pacha. Most of those charge around 20 entry on any given night, but for the little extra you're paying you can enter multiple places in one night (the card is valid for 24 hours after you activate it!) and you don't have to queue... so you can spend your night on the dancefloor or at the bar, not in the line. The cards are delivered by one of Barcelona Life's chosen nightlife partners, direct to your hotel. To order your golden ticket to night time nirvana, you just need to email us on to begin with, with the number of cards you require and where you're staying and our partners will get back to you, usually within 24 hours or sooner. If you want to party in Barcelona for more than one night, you can also order a VIP Club Card for two nights (40) or three nights (50)... or even longer!

VIP Club Card

We had the vip card for 3 nights and worked so well, no lines for us :}}}

reviewed by jim from United Kingdom on Aug.21.2017

Terrible service! I paid for 2 cards 5 nights each and only used it once to enter Opium. PACHA didn't let me in and were rude to me and I contacted VIP INCARD (The guy who delivered the cards to me his name was Albert)but they couldn't do anything and told me to pay the doorman and he will refund me later which is not guaranteed of course!!!! Then I went to Gatsby and they said that they don't accept these cards anymore!! I paid about 150 Euros for the 2 cards and they were useless!! Complete robbery!!

I am hoping that they are a respected business that will get me a refund for what I paid!! I can provide all info needed and evidences like invoice and pictures of unused cards or anything just to get a refund!

reviewed by Feda from United States on Aug.20.2017



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reviewed Aug.21.2017
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