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address: C/Banys Nous 8

tel: +34 (93) 3022102

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Somewhere on a narrow alley in the Old Jewish Quarter of the Barri Gotic is a welcoming enclave of the first order, designed to nourish and refresh both in-the-know locals and Barcelona newbies lucky enough to stumble upon it (hint check the map icon above to improve your chances!). From the affordable global cuisine, consisting of everything from Tabbouleh (Lebanese salad) to Pad Thai, to the sexy tune selection, reliable WiFi connection and free tapas between 5-7pm, Stoke Bar has no shortage of hooks to reel you in with. And quite apart from these constants, Stoke also weaves a varied web of week-round entertainment, including cult movie nights (Mondays), cocktail-making classes (Thursdays) and salsa classes with sangria (Sundays). All the action takes place in a tactfully-restored tenement house where modern art mingles with marble staircases and Modernista flourishes. Check out the original one-piece floral floor tile on the first floor and wonder how the hell they hewed that one.

Stoke Bar

I have dinner once in this bar with some friends, attracted by the offer of the first drink for free that the waitress make us in the street.
While we were eating we cannot talk because of the drunk people shouting in the first floor, and afterwards the girl of the offer came and apologize, saying that there was and error, the only free thing is the shot at the end of the dinner... but even if it was her fault we had to pay it. And the owner treat us really bad when we say that wasnīt correct.
The food wasnīt that bad, maybe expensive, but the bad taste of the experience didnīt worth it.

reviewed by Carlos G. from Spain on Dec.11.2012

mierda de bar

reviewed by stefania from Australia on Feb.17.2012

Best bar in Barcelona

reviewed by bogdan from Serbia on Aug.31.2011

had a great time at Stoke on Saturday night. Ran into a Welsh hen party who were hilarious. There was a drunk fat guy trying to hit on everyone and sell his ghost tours... which was also quite amusing if nothing else.

reviewed by D-lish + Melvin Shampoo from United Kingdom on Jun.13.2011

Congratulations to Stoke Bar on their first anniversary! Celebrations start tomorrow (Saturday!). Free cava and tapas a little birdie told me!

reviewed by Editor from Spain on May.06.2011

In an area with many cosy bars, Stoke bar is one of my favorite! Friendly staff, nice meals, and a great atmosphere!!

reviewed by Sarah Hanson from Austria on Dec.09.2010

Fantastic place! Stunning original building features, interesting decoration, and a really relaxed atmosphere.

reviewed by Stella Jackson from United Kingdom on Dec.09.2010

finally found the secret stoke bar.. barca beat madrid 5-0 last night!! was sweet on the big screen, drank all i could possibly drink on the cheap for an hour (all bartender val's fault). had a splendid african-style dinner, met a german, a short funny irishman and a group of french girls.. though to be honest the french girls didn't meet me.

reviewed by henry wilson from United States on Dec.01.2010



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