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address: C/Sant Pau 65

tel: +34 (93) 4427263

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Opened in 1820 in El Raval, Bar Marsella is said to be Barcelona's very first bar and everyone from Picasso to Hemmingway is rumoured to have been a regular at some point in this establishment's long and louche history. Paradoxically, while the grime on the chandeliers thickens, the floor tiles become even tattier and the cobwebs in every corner spread further, Marsella's appeal only seems to grow. Perhaps because the bar's mix of local Bohemians and brave tourists enjoy drinking in the sense of history as much as the venue's famed absinthe. As pimps, prostitutes and thieves cavort right outside you are very much in the heart of the sleazy underbelly of Barcelona's nightlife, barely changed from the 19th century! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better (or worse!), a misanthropic bar manager who refuses to stomach any singing or dancing (this doesn't dull the atmosphere!) cements Marsella's cult status - no wonder Woody Allen chose to shoot a scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona right here! Best after midnight as it gets going late.

Bar Marsella

I really liked this place, it has such a cool vibe! Going in here is like stepping back in time. It's kind of overpriced, but the absinthe is a must try just for the experience.

reviewed by Sarah123 from United States on Feb.09.2015

Fuimos con mi pareja a recordar los viejos tiempos. Cuando llegamos el local no estaba lleno y nos sentamos en un mesita elevada entre la barra y la puerta principal. Pedimos un par de copas y al cabo de un ratito salimos a fumar un cigarillo fuera y nos pusimos a hablar con el portero sobre la compra del edificio por parte del ayuntamiento para evitar que cierren el legendario bar. No pasaron ni 5 minutos que pude entrever como nos quitaban la mesa y las copas. Entre corriendo reclamando nuestro sitio y nuestras copas, cuando uno de los camareros, un grandullón alemán empezó a gritarme de que no habiamos avisado que estabamos fuera. Fue muy desagradable y grosero, parecia que estuviese haciendo una demostración delante de todo el mundo insultando y haciendo demostración de poder presumiendo de que ese era el "Marsella". No hubo manera de entrar en razón, el hombre se crecía cada vez más y me sentí muy mal. Fue una experiencia humillante y horrible!

reviewed by Karin from Spain on May.25.2014

I lost my iphone, my dignity, one of my birds... awesome nite!!! I would say unforgettable but I don't remember most of it.

reviewed by Comteargil from France on Oct.27.2011

crowded but perfect! Best night EVER!!!!

reviewed by from Greece on Feb.24.2011


reviewed by me from United States on Feb.07.2011

I agree it's best after midnight but if you want a table or a seat you should arrive before because it gets very crowded indeed.

reviewed by Saskia from Germany on Feb.01.2011

You absolutely have to check out this place. Absinthe is awesome and they give you the sugar, spoon and water. Not really sure what you're supposed to do with all the extra bits but anyway tasted great and did the job. They had to haul our asses out at closing time

reviewed by Rick from United States on Aug.31.2010



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