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You're not fooling anybody. You haven't come to Barcelona to admire Gaudi or Roman ruins. You've come to sample the legendary nightlife! If you want to be absolutely 100% sure of a great night out here then look no further than this awesome experience from Barcelona Life's recommended nightlife tour partner. You'll be taken on an exclusive tour of some of the best bars in the city, such as Living Bar, Universal and Mirablau (with amazing night views over the whole city) before arriving in style at the hottest club in town - Opium Mar - where you will skip the long queues and fussy bouncers and be ushered straight in like a VIP. This nightlife experience takes place every Friday and Saturday night, from March 'til October, and is the perfect way to meet friendly party people whilst at the same time as sampling the very best of Barcelona's nightlife scene. At just €37.95, with free entry to Opium Mar (worth €20 by itself!), complimentary drinks and transport it's a no brainer (update: the transport now includes a professional singer to keep the party going between venues). To reserve your place simply email requesting the tour, with your dates and how many people you are, and we'll get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours) with full details.

Barcelona Nightlife Tour

Had a blast! Very entertaining and got to meet interesting pple. U shld try it wen in Barcelona.

reviewed by Mami from Nigeria on Sep.09.2017

Great tour, good entertainment and singer mike was great too,
will go again for sure

reviewed by Osman from Jordan on Aug.31.2017

Good tour , full drink in first bar, i could choose anything and the guy singing on coach to the next place was lots of fun

reviewed by thomas from Australia on Aug.21.2017

Great energy people thanks a lot!!! You made OUR Saturday a day that will remain unforgetable thanks

reviewed by Andys Christodoulou from United Kingdom on May.19.2016

Enjoyed this tour a lot, met some nice people and got to see nice venues. Good organization. Thumbs up

reviewed by Sonia from Austria on Jun.18.2015

Really great night, we did this as the final night of a stag weekend and it did not disappoint. nice range of bars visited, the coach is a really nice touch in between venuew. And the club was great.

Would definitely recommend!

reviewed by Patrick from Netherlands on Apr.21.2015

Loved it! Had a fantastic night. Opium was the best :)

reviewed by Daisy from United States on Apr.20.2015

Hi Jade, just sent you an email so will gladly help you book this experience. In general direct all enquiries to and we'll be able to help. You can usually expect a reply within 36 hours, often much quicker.

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Mar.20.2015

Hiya I have written two emails trying to book 13 spots for a boat party in May for a hen do but no one has got back to me?

reviewed by Jadr from United Kingdom on Mar.17.2015

Went with a couple of friends not so long ago and was really impressed. My favourite stop was the second one, overlooking the whole city with a glass of Cava. The coach journeys to all teh different venues were actually a lot of fun as well - bit like a school trip except with more drunkenness and better dressed people! The trip seemed to attract a good demographic and about equal boys and girls.

reviewed by Sinclair from United Kingdom on Jan.14.2015

I don't know what I would have done had I not started my vacation in Barcelona with this VIP tour. Meeting Lenny and Nicole was awesome and not only did I have an amazing time the first night I was there thanks to them, they introduced my friend and I to more people that we have stayed in touch and become friends with! I encourage you to start your trip with them, you won't regret it!!

reviewed by Oana from Canada on Aug.20.2014

Did this on the first day of our one week stay in Barcelona --best way to break the ice, get a feel for the party life && meet awesome people! Our guides Lenny && Nicole were fantastic, and through them we met other great people to party with throughout the rest of the week. Can't wait to return!

reviewed by Andre from Canada on Aug.19.2014

Did this last time I was in the city and will be looking them up again in 2014!

reviewed by Big D. from United States on May.05.2014

We had an amazing night. The hosts where very nice and all was organized well!

reviewed by Daisy Chapman from United States on Apr.21.2014

Me and my girls had a blast. best european trip ever?

reviewed by Daisy from United States on Jan.31.2014

I was with this Barca nights organization two years ago, I will never forget that night was amazing. Thanks BPN

See you this summer :)

reviewed by Hilmi from Turkey on Jan.27.2014

Had a cracker off a night last night cheers to you guys.

reviewed by Kirk J from United States on Jan.06.2014

I always find it difficult to find the best places in a new city if you are there only for a couple of days. There is nothing worse than finding the best club on your last day! Barcelona Party Nights is the perfect solution for this. Within one night you visit all the best clubs and bars of Barcelona, without spending too much time in waiting, searching or taxi money. Everything is arranged and it is a great way to meet people. I travel al lot for business and I would also recommend it if you are visiting Barcelona alone.

reviewed by Joss2013 from United States on Aug.24.2013

I had 4 days in barcelona and after 2 days of struggling to get to a nice place for a night out, we signed up for Barcelona Party Nights. This night was the high light of our holiday. We went to the best bars en clubs in town and we skipped all the queues!

reviewed by Deborah O. from Netherlands on Aug.14.2013

Wanted to say thank you for the great night we had last Friday! Me and my girls had a blast. Very good party :-)

reviewed by Hailey Doumerc from United Kingdom on Jun.05.2013

Just to say, for all your nightowls out there, that the VIP Nightlife Tour is now running every Friday and Saturday for 2013, so get in touch via email to reserve your place(s)!!!!

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Mar.25.2013

Highly recommended! Best night out at Barcelona! Keep the good work up! :D

reviewed by Daniel Attard from Malta on Sep.02.2012

Recovering from 23 hours in Barcelona took my whole Sunday and the start of Monday. But what a memories! We had a blast and we're lucky to meet with Rodrigo @ the park and got invited to the tour. We never found those clubs on such a short time ;-)

reviewed by Frank Jansen from Netherlands on Aug.20.2012

Thank you so much for organizing this night, we had the best time and we met some great people! Kisses from Finland

reviewed by Joni Matse from Finland on Aug.15.2012

All the boys had such a great time last Friday! I will definitely be recommending to others. Thanks again

reviewed by Mundip from United Kingdom on Aug.07.2012

Debbie and I had a great time! Thanks! Please help direct me to the photos you took last night, we are hoping to get several of us together, one while dancing!
Cheers Michael and Debbie Gresalfi (the 55 year olds celebrating our 33rd anniversary last night)

reviewed by Michael Grisalfi from United States on Aug.05.2012

I went on the tour with 4 friends and we loved it. The people where great, also the hosts where kind. We danced the night away. P.S The mountain bar had an amazing view.

reviewed by Kirsten Versloot from Netherlands on Jul.31.2012

We had a perfect night, all well arranged. Over a 100 people on the tour and all the places where awsome. Would def recommend this tour!

reviewed by Amy George from United Kingdom on Jul.26.2012

Great night!!

reviewed by Chris Ciccone from Italy on Jul.22.2012

Lot's of nice people on this tour. The hosts where amazing. Thanks Lea, Andrea, Eveline and Cat. Best part was Opium Mar and skipping the queue!

reviewed by Phillipe Wolf from France on Jul.17.2012

I joined this tour 3 times! Lol. I am very happy with the people and they took good care of me. Next time I am in Barcelona I will join again!!

reviewed by Karol Kok from Denmark on Jul.15.2012

My friends and I had a great time and honestly can't thank you enough. I will definitely be visiting Barcelona again.

reviewed by Super Jas from Denmark on Jul.11.2012

Thanks guys, we had an amazing night out in Barcelona! Great places and very good organization.

reviewed by Sarah Twine from Austria on Jul.10.2012

Hello, where do I find out where the first bar is to meet to board the bus for this bar crawl? Thanks

reviewed by Brett Walker from United States on Jun.27.2012

We had a great time! It was especially nice skipping the line at Opium Mar club :-D

reviewed by Lance Leger from Germany on Jun.22.2012

As a single traveller this tour was probably the best thing I could have done. I really enjoyed it and I made some friends. Went out with them to party the day after as well. The hosts where very nice too :-)

reviewed by Delphin from Netherlands on Jun.21.2012

Thanks very much for a wonderful time that we had club hopping with you team. Andrea was great and thanks to her as well.

reviewed by Tushar from India on Jun.18.2012

Last minute we where looking online for a good place to go to party. I was very lucky I found this site. Me and my boyfriend had a blast. We had a quick bite at the meeting point (very nice food), we loved the bar on the mountain and Club Opium Mar superb. Would definatly recommend this tour.

reviewed by Girogia from United Kingdom on Jun.18.2012

Thanks guys, we had an awsome night. Everything was realy well organized. I loved the view on the mountain and Opium Mar was very good. Great that we did not have to wait in the queue!

reviewed by Nora Naomi from United States on Jun.12.2012

1) Paid in person 36eur, not 35eur..pointed out to the guy that it's 35 on the site, he said 'no it's 36' (not about the money, but the principle of being lied to and charged more than supposed to)
2) first place was a bar to meet-n-greet..decent
3) bus rides were nice
4) 2nd place had a great view of the city..nice little garden..decent dance floor
5) 3rd place was a slap to my face..completely empty..boring
6) 4th & last place Opium was awesome
7) no wait in line is a plus
8) organizers were nice
9) I would recommend it to people that don't mind going to an ok bar and an empty nightclub to have a great view of the city and finish off the night in a upscale nightclub by the beach

reviewed by Ivan from United States on Jun.09.2012

We had a great time thanks, and everything was well good with club entry! We all drank way too much and kept sat night local. Thanks again for everything, will definitely recommend your tour!

reviewed by Paras Metha from United Kingdom on Jun.01.2012

I would like to thank you about Saturday night. This tour was really cool! I had so much fun!
The view of the second bar was awesome and the club was really good! As I will come back to barcelona next month, I'll probably do it again next month.

reviewed by Alexandre Tran from United States on May.28.2012

Thanks Lea, Andrea and Olly for the amazing Saturday night. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great night out in Barcelona. I loved the view from Tibidabo and Opium Mar night club ;-)
Hope to see you guys again this summer!

reviewed by Cleber Silva from Brazil on May.26.2012

Me and my sister had an amazing time all in all!! so Thank you!!! clubs were amazing too! will be recommending this. 

reviewed by Charlotte from South Africa on May.23.2012

One of our many best nights was one of the private tours we done, there was group of 11 with us. We done their private bar tour, the guide was brilliant. I would honestly check these guys out and thank you, you done us a good service, we will be sure to spread the word and will use you agaiin in the future. Love BCN

reviewed by Harry Hillside from United Kingdom on May.21.2012

Good job for this party, very good organisation ! We liked this evening ! Thanks (A french girl)

reviewed by Sylvie Vivie Leclère from France on May.09.2012

I was with this Barcelona nights organization two years ago, I will never forget that night was amazing. Thanks BPN
See you this summer :)

reviewed by Hilmi Selçuk İpek from Turkey on May.07.2012

Fantastic tour. It starts in a smooth downtown bar where you get to meet the other people in your group (for us that was about 15-20 girls and another 15 guys, in their early twenties and thirties) and you get a free Cava cocktail. Then you take a coach ride up to a place called Mirablau, which has a beautiful terrace and night views over Barcelona and a bit of disco vibe. Here you get a free glass of champagne and stay 45 mins or so. Then back in the bus to one more bar/club the name of which I forget. Here we got a free shot only, so buying an extra drink was pretty much essential here. Then finally we got driven to the door of Opium, a huge nightclub with beautiful people, podium dancers and cool beachside terrace for mingling. Here we skipped the queues and got ushered straight in, which was a major plus as the line was pretty huge!!! All in all a great whirlwind introduction to the city's nightlife, a chance to meet lots of interesting and young international people and then dance the night away at a top club. The guides were really cute too. I booked by sending this website an email and after that everything was easy. Could pay in advance and just had to turn up to first bar on time! Collar shirt and smart shoes strongly advised for guys.

reviewed by Slinky from United Kingdom on May.02.2012

It was sooo great :D

reviewed by Regina Nössing from Sweden on Apr.30.2012

Me and my girls had a blast. Best European trip ever :-)

reviewed by Daisy Marie from Austria on Apr.30.2012

Hi, Merwyn that's great, we look forward to seeing you here. Just drop us an email to book your places!

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Apr.29.2012

Guys I will be back in Barca on May 12 with 26 people to join this tour!

reviewed by Merwyn Noronha from France on Apr.28.2012

Loved this tour!

reviewed by Lauren Marchello from United States on Apr.28.2012

Very classy tour! and skipping the longest queue ever at Opium Mar is a big bonus.

reviewed by Olley Talibudeen from United Kingdom on Apr.25.2012

I've been to Barcelona before, but this was the best night ever!! Thanks guys.

reviewed by Josine Karsten from Netherlands on Apr.24.2012

Great night. Great party and our host Andrea was awsome!

reviewed by Michael Chen from United States on Apr.23.2012

Thanks for making this Friday night in Barcelona memorable guys!! The clubs and people on this tour where awsome.

reviewed by Lorelei Bratu from United Kingdom on Apr.19.2012

Awesome night, the tour was perfect! Ears are still ringing

reviewed by Dan Fuzz from United States on Apr.17.2012

Thanks for a fab night Saturday! :D

reviewed by Sarah-Jane Legge from United Kingdom on Apr.15.2012

Last Saturday was just amazing...! Some many nice people and great places. Hopefully I will come back to barca to party again on this tour.

reviewed by Konstantin Gravius from Germany on Apr.09.2012

Had a cracker of a night last night cheers to you guys.

reviewed by Kirk Jankovic from Canada on Mar.26.2012

Girls needed to balance the boys to girls ratio on 3rd March 2012 Saturday night tour! Hence organisers are offering a big discount. Just 15 euros for senoritas! Email above to reserve.

reviewed by Barcelona Life Team from Spain on Feb.23.2012

I had the best time!:) I even joined the tour twice!

reviewed by Oguzhan Altun from Switzerland on Feb.03.2012

Barcelona Party Nights gave me and my friends an incredible night out on the town. Minette, Albert & Andrea were all fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure we had an incredible time. Everybody will be talking about our night in Barcelona for a long time. Thank you!!

reviewed by Jeanette Hedley from United Kingdom on Jan.19.2012


reviewed by SFIRA from Slovak Republic on Oct.21.2011

Thanks Barcelona Life for helping arrange this! I had an amazing time:))))))))))))

reviewed by Sasha from Germany on Jun.08.2011

I went to Barcelona on batchelor/Stag weekend with 21 guys mid April 2011. I can assure you that the Nightclub tour was incredible. We went on a Saturday night with a bus full of friendly people from accross the world, Not only did the team change the schedule of the bar's that evening to accomodate everyone to watch the Real Madrid Vs Barcelona football game, but last minute they were able to reserve us VIP tables in Opimum Mar. This is the only way to party in Barcelona! DEFO RECOMMEND IT! Thanks to the whole team for your professionalism and organisation!

reviewed by Koby from United Kingdom on Apr.19.2011

Is it also possible to book it on new years eve?

reviewed by esam from Netherlands on Dec.08.2010

I don´t think me and my friends ever had so much fun on a night out. Probably also because everything was taken care off. We didn´t have to search for good clubs or to wait in the queue´s, we where surrounded by good looking party people, we had transportation and drinks. All we had to do was party!

reviewed by Karen from United Kingdom on May.17.2010

The clubs and the people where amazing. We partied till 6am in the morning… Even a couple that just got married went on the tour and they said they had the best night of their honeymoon!

reviewed by Pierre from France on May.12.2010

Barcelona Party Nights made my trip! All the tours i went on were great!! They deliver on ever level of fun. Definitely doing it again soon....

reviewed by Daisy Cancino from United States on May.11.2010

Had a great time!! surely would do it again!!

reviewed by Tatiss Mokhsin from Malaysia on May.11.2010



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