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The first pick for the city's resident poseurs and playboys, Opium Barcelona occupies a prime piece of real estate right in the swanky Port Olimpic strip, attracting a never-ending swarm of party-goers throughout the year, especially in high season. By day stick-thin girls in glamorous summer dresses and macho guys in expensive shades lounge on cream sofas, admiring one another and the laid back Balearic-style beats, or else enjoy sea views at the venue's restaurant. Later at night Opium becomes arguably the hottest club in town, with world famous DJs jetting in to man the decks, with the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii and the Black Eyed Peas playing at their famous Wednesday summer parties. Unlike many of the other Port Olimpic venues, Opium has a license to serve alcohol until 6am, meaning that whilst many other revellers have to go to bed at 3am (that's early for Spain!), those that made it through the doors here can dance and party until dawn. Perennially popular and proud of its reputation, expect to pay around 20 euros for entry, more for special events. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter using the links above, or check out their Instagram and Google+ accounts.

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Opium Barcelona

Legendary venue for amazing music and the beautiful people in one place.

reviewed by Daniel from Brazil on Jul.15.2017

Do not go to this club!!!! 9 girls went sat night and was approached by a disgusting little man saying he was the owner he was basically so rude to my friends and made one apologise for saying to the other girls let's get going or he wasn't going to let her in!!b he then came over to our table and tired to get one of my friends to talk to him when she politely told him she was married and not interested he walked off only for the bouncer to come over and say finished we had to leave!! I told the bouncer this was disgusting and sexually harassment! Because my friend doesn't want to talk to him he is chucking us out!! My friend then then went over to him and asked what we had done he said if we all went over to him individually and apologised he would let us stay!!! How dare any man think he can treat any women like this!! We had done nothing! And agin because we refused this horrible disgusting vile little loner of a man got the bouncer to come over and ask us to leave again! Any girls thinking of going to this club don't!! He said he was from Hatfield and the owner so if you see him stay well away!!!

reviewed by Lyndsey johnstone from United Kingdom on May.08.2017

Sorry if some people couldn't get in but this is the best club in BCN in my opinion

reviewed by Ingrid from Germany on Apr.24.2015

Didn't have any problems getting in. The people were well dressed and cool. Drinks are quite expensive. The music and atmosphere were great and the boys really sexy!

reviewed by Nahar from United Kingdom on Apr.16.2015

Awful. Out of a group of 24 of us, all wearing very similar clothes, the bouncer singled out our black friend and our two Asian friends as not being allowed in because of the 'dress code'. All the rest of the group (who happened to be white) were allowed in. This was disgusting.
Later on that night, having asked to talk to the manager and explaining that we would not accept this, a bouncer came over to one of our group, who was being totally calm, and slapped him in the face.
And even if you ignore this, it is a terrible club. A mixture of tourists (mostly American) and loaded Spanish kids: The uniform is pastel designer shirts for boys, black designer dresses for girls. Occasionally you see a desperate businessman in a suit trying to grab a girl half his age. They play Rick Ross and other chart rubbish, which they can't even mix properly. Oh- and a beer is 9 euros. I imagine it's the place to be seen if you're a greasy poser. Avoid this dump.

reviewed by Rob from United Kingdom on Mar.17.2015

I haven't been here for a while, but always have a good time when I do. I particularly like hanging out on the beachfront terrace which is a good place to get chatting to people. Drinks are in line with other venues nearby and you get one free drink with your entry (standard practice in Spain). It can be tricky to get in, especially on weekends or during summer, so worth planning to get there a bit earlier to beat the rush.

reviewed by Duncan from United Kingdom on Nov.18.2014

A nice club, good music and good location. Let down by the fact that a lot of the girls in side are escorts/prostitutes especially on a Sunday night.

reviewed by Gurv Singh from United Kingdom on Jun.24.2014

What a brilliant club!! Was in Barcelona for 5 nights with the boys and ended up in here 3 times. Would recommend.. See you next year...

reviewed by Kay Singh from United Kingdom on Aug.22.2013

Soy Francés. Estamos 10 hombres que vienen a pasar el fin de semana en Barcelona. Nos gustaría hacer una reserva para la noche del sábado 25 de mayo de soltero chico nuestro amigo. ¿Cuál es el hora de la reservación.
¿Hay una tarifa de grupo si usted consume la botella?

reviewed by granados from France on May.19.2013

I broke my wrist about a year ago in opium mar. I slipped by the cloakroom on a very wet slope back towards the exit. As it was 6am and the lights had just come on the bouncers man-handled me out of the club, dragging me by my broken wrist. When I went to a local Barcelona hospital they suggested that the break had been made progressively worse by the bouncers aggressive behaviour. We spent a lot of money in the club and to be treated in this way was pretty atrocious. My boyfriend tried to speak to someone within the club to complain about the awful behaviour id received and was pushed out of the club, with them denying no knowledge. I wouldn't recommend going here to anyone.

reviewed by Anon from United States on Apr.20.2013

Sorry to hear about your experiences Chaz. Personally I think it's a decent club but certainly its not the be all and end all of going out in BCN. If you do want to check it out then I'd recommend the nightlife tour that Barcelona Life works with (click the link in the review above for more info). The advantage here is that you will be chaperoned into the club by a guide, without queuing, with a big bunch of friendly international people. There's certainly no aggro or bad vibes inside the venue... the only problem is getting past the guys on the door. This tour does just that, and before hand you also get to head up to Mirablau for awesome night views and also flirt with a few other folk too, so it's a great night out all in all, minus the stress of worrying about bouncers etc!

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Mar.12.2013

We were a group of 15, 5 white and 10 sikh's with two wearing a smart turban. We were there as part of a stag party for the weekend. We knew that a group of 15 would not be let in so we split into groups of 3's and 4's but the bouncers were pure racist. Our white friends got in and anyone with a tanned or brown face was rejected. We are all well to do professional people who were also dressed smart. The excuse we were given its a private VIP party. It was there loss at the end of the day, as our white friends came back out and we went into CATWALK and spend our money there on bottles of champagne etc overall between us we must have spent 3,000 euro's. Opium = racist .... please save yourself the headache and go else where !!!

reviewed by Chaz from United Kingdom on Mar.11.2013

I think the extreme reviews about this place are wide of hte mark. The bouncers are pretty crappy, but that's the same with every club in Spain (and most of the world). The queues are long and the prices are high, but that's an inevitable result of the venue's popularity. Overall it's a decent space, with decent music and a very cool beachside terrace. The crowd is more touristy than local. Anyhow I don't think it could be packed every night of the week during summer without being one of the best options in town, and in 3 or 4 visits over the last couple of years I've never had any problems or seen anything dodgy. Regarding the review about racism, Barcelona has a LOT of African prostitutes so it may be that the bouncers identified the girls in question as professionals. Also half of the bouncers are black, so doubt it was racism. In short if you like upmarket clubs with accessible/commercial house music you will like Opium. Dress code is smart-ish, but I've got in with smart looking trainers and a clubbing T-shirt before. If you want to play it safe loafers/shoes and a collar will get you in for guys. Flashing lots of flesh for girls...

reviewed by Mr. Nightlife from United Kingdom on Jul.09.2012

Absolute disaster. That bouncers were racist. I witnessed firsthand how they kicked two black women off the line for no reason. I have no clue how the place is on the outside b/c I left as soon as I saw that. Truly disgusted.

reviewed by Stacy from United States on Jun.23.2012

After half a year in the club, finally I can write a good review about it. It's a nice looking place, good people and good music, but not too much to expect.

This are my evaluations ofter 6 months of looking how the club works.

The door keepers are just "stupid", you can't talk with them, they look too much at the people and if they don't feel good for them they kick you off without reason.
I have seen with my eyes girls that got kicked from the club in a really bad way, violation of intimate and aggression. They put them into an elevator and kick them from the club. I don't think that thats a good way to ask someone to leave.

Don't ask for anything if you are not a girl, the door keepers dont ever respond, they just overlook you and stay ahead without saying nothing.

Minimum age for entry its 21, but depends on the day, they say its 23. Girls are more permissive, I have found girls that are 16 years old inside the club.

At 6 am, start running away or you, again will be kicked from the club in bad ways, they push you and get you off the club without even asking first.

Don't try to buy drinks, they are just too expensive, 12€ for a drink, not good enough for that club.

Entrance it's 20€ for person without any drink, but you can get a free entry before 1:30 am, just try to find people that give free flyers around the place.

Restrooms are just full every time, too much queue, as a boy you can just have to wait for more than 15 minutes.

They go over capacity almost every night, so expect a crowded place where you can't ever dance without getting pushed or pissed.

Again, remember, good music, good people but don't expect good staff.

There are much better clubs in Barcelona.

Enjoy the night.

reviewed by ajimix from Spain on Oct.09.2011

My best friend and I went to Opium Mar on our last night in Barcelona and both agreed that it was one of the best nights of our entire holiday! It was a Friday night in the middle of summer and we had such a great time. I didn't think the bouncers were as strict as some of the other reviews suggest - my friend was wearing flats and I was wearing a dress that was nowhere near nice enough to wear to a club but we got in with no problems. Having said that though, all the males were quite well dressed. The venue is amazing too - right on the beach so the perfect place to hang out in summer :)

reviewed by Thamasha from Australia on Jul.26.2011

This club is good but not as good as it thinks it is.

reviewed by Stefan from Germany on Jun.08.2011

The bouncers were rude, thanks to them I'll make sure none of my friends ever set a foot in this bar!

reviewed by Micaela Svensson from Sweden on Jan.05.2011

Good shizzle

reviewed by Ben from United Kingdom on Dec.20.2010

Had an awesome night out with the boys in the Opium Mar in December.
Good times had by all.
Only downside being the arrogant and aggressive nature of the staff which seems to be fairly standard with decent clubs.
Nice being by the sea. I'd imagine this is even better in the summer.

reviewed by Neil P from United Kingdom on Dec.16.2010

Dress smart and your through the door, I had no problems and had the best night here. World class DJs every Weds is the night to go. Downstairs has an open air bar that overlooks the beach. This place is more up market than the used up venues of Ibiza.

reviewed by Franco from United Kingdom on Aug.25.2010

The ******** bouncers wouldn't let me in because I didn't have a collar on my t-shirt. So 90s. Went to Shoko instead, which was cool but finished at 3am

reviewed by Owen from United Kingdom on Jul.30.2010

Opium Mar really is the best club in town. Beautiful people, good music and with the beach in the backgarden you can easily go for a beach walk to cool down from all this hot stuff.
Though it is really hard to get in, the door policy is very strict, plus there is an huge queue.
That is why I went with the Opium Mar Night Tour. With this tour you go to 4 different top places and you end up in Opium Mar with VIP entrance (no queueing, no doormen). Only 34,90, entrance Opium Mar included.

reviewed by Anna from United States on May.11.2010

Madre mia, some hot chicas at Opium. The music is really great, not too heavy. This is the place in Barcelona if you want to meet beautiful people and spend a lot of money. Try to get on the guest list otherwise you probably won't get in

reviewed by Frederic from France on May.10.2010

The best club in Barcelona, especially during summer. Beware though the queues can be insane and the door policy is a little picky

reviewed by Ivy from United States on Apr.21.2010



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