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address: C/Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4

tel: +34 (93) 2240740

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One of Barcelona's most famous nightclubs, Catwalk is a two-floored party palace on the Olympic Port, situated underneath the towering Arts Hotel. The bottom floor is usually reserved for house and techno music with international DJs racking up the beats whilst dancers in fetish gear work the podiums and guys in smart shirts point to the ceiling. Upstairs is a completely different vibe, as a touristy crowd of glammed up girls get high on cocktails and bust out their best moves to r'n'b and hip hop. Open Thursdays to Sundays until 6am, Catwalk is easily one of Barcelona's most reliable nights out.


I agree they should educate their security guards but price is not too much high if you are group of five.

reviewed by Steve from Spain on Dec.09.2016

Aggressive security... horrible cocktails.. Never come back again ..

reviewed by Ivan from Russia on Dec.28.2015

I Will never Côme back again. We have expérienced thé same security guards violence. And worst thé guy hitted me when I was just trying to understand what was going on. We tryed to go to thé police but nobody seems to care. We wore there for fun, and i was pushed violentl'y with thé worst Words i have ever heard. And my boyfriend was pushed on three floor stairs like an animal.

reviewed by ilham from Morocco on Aug.09.2014

Worst night ever clubbing. The security guards and managers knocked down a toilet door on my boyfriend and forced him and also myself who had been injured down into the basement trying to force us to pay for the door. We are tourists of the area and are not familiar with the barcelonia club scene. I was disgusted on how we were treated. They were holding us down until I started screaming and eventually they let us go as they realised we didn't have money on us. If I was a tourist to the area never go here they will take advantage of you and target you. The staff are a poor excuse for humans

reviewed by Lauren from Australia on Aug.25.2013

Security punched me to the face because i was filming the night life next to the club. I had to go to hospital and Have a ct scan where they found I had broken bone in my orbital L . now i cant sneeze or blow my nose as the air goes directly to my eyelid through my nostril.complained to the police .took them to the place. showed them the guy and asked them to check the CCTV but have not done anything about it.I m only putting 1 out of 10 because there is not 0.
PS the security who punched me is the bold guy with about 6ft2 about 40 years old.

reviewed by Walid from United Kingdom on Jul.12.2012

the security guards threw a bottle of water on me!!! super overpriced and they told me i could get in for 2 nights!! FALSE security threw an entire bottle of water on my head HORRIBLE CLUB

reviewed by kate from United States on Jun.30.2012

Very pretty girls in this club!

reviewed by Luke from United Kingdom on Nov.27.2011

Best club in Barcelona!

reviewed by Penny from United States on Mar.10.2011

Full of rude boys upstairs hitting on young female tourists and kind of a strange house disco downstairs that belongs in the last decade or maybe millenium. Kinda funny for one night only and at least it's not a pretentious waste of space like Opium Mar.

reviewed by Devon from United Kingdom on Mar.06.2011

Good music to dance but too many corner dwellers. Only good thing about Catwalk is that its open until 6am but so is Opium and Opium is better with cuter guys

reviewed by Chloe from United States on Aug.16.2010

Kind of fun in an unsophisticated way. But they can't make a good caipirinha at Catwalk!

reviewed by Ana from Brazil on Mar.21.2010



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