El Bosc de les Fades

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address: Ptge. Banca 5

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It doesn't get much more kitsch than this bar/cafe hidden away in the Wax Museum, off La Rambla. "The Forest of the Fairies" is an artificial woodland of snaking branches, trickling waterfalls and will-o-the-wisp lights which, out of curiosity's sake, has found it's way into one or two guidebooks. That accounts for the large amount of American students drinking cheap jugs of sangria and reveling in the esoteric landscape, lent extra authenticity by ambient forest sounds. The cafe also serves coffee and sandwiches during the day, and although you might not want to spend all night here a trip to El Bosc de les Fades certainly sticks in the memory. Be sure to check out the haunted house with its magic mirror. Head to our drink section for more Barcelona cafes and bars.

El Bosc de les Fades

Great atmosphere, loved the place

reviewed by Iuliana Arsene from Romania on Mar.23.2012



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reviewed Feb.08.2018
"My experience there was amazing, eclectic people around from transgenders t..."
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