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address: C/Viladomat 85

tel: +34 (93) 4230429

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The mascot of Ambiente del Sur is a ladybug, or 'mariquita' in Spanish, but the word also has a second meaning - namely 'little queer'. A clever reference to this bar's gay friendly policy, which has made it one of the most relaxed and accepting hang outs in a tolerant city. Arty and chatty folk like to congregate for beers and snacks in this charismatically shabby bar, an odd mix of the trendy (abstract oil paintings) and the chavvy (fruit machines). The principal selling point of Ambiente del Sur however is the free tapas dished out with every drink, a regular custom in the South of Spain but one that is sadly lacking in Barcelona!

Ambiente del Sur

This bar is close.

reviewed by Maxime from Canada on Oct.14.2017

If it sounds too good to be true... it isn't! Great and filling free tapas with every drink. Just don't like the bartender coax you into trying the 12 chili liqueur... it's like drinking acid. Big mistake to try and be the tough guy!

reviewed by James S. from United Kingdom on May.25.2015

My Spanish friends took me to this bar and I have to say I love it!
Great atmosphere, cheap drinks and a tapas with every drink too.
It's popular with the locals..not touristy...but well worth a visit.
My favourite bar in Barcelona.!

reviewed by Paul Hemsley from United Kingdom on Feb.12.2015



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