Barcelona pub & café reviews

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Flaherty's Irish Bar

Passed by on a sunny winter's day recently. Forgot what a lovely terrace they have here. It's a really good day time pub.

reviewed by Jason from United Kingdom on Dec.14.2017

Shenanigans Irish Pub

Best served Guiness in BCN

reviewed by Bob from France on Nov.16.2017

Ambiente del Sur

This bar is close.

reviewed by Maxime from Canada on Oct.14.2017

Shenanigans Irish Pub

I'm not often the fan of Irish bars but this one has a special and authentic ambience especialy when the live bands are performing.

reviewed by Maxim from Belgium on Sep.12.2017

Barcelona Nightlife Tour

Had a blast! Very entertaining and got to meet interesting pple. U shld try it wen in Barcelona.

reviewed by Mami from Nigeria on Sep.09.2017

Barcelona Nightlife Tour

Great tour, good entertainment and singer mike was great too, will go again for sure

reviewed by Osman from Jordan on Aug.31.2017

Barcelona Nightlife Tour

Good tour , full drink in first bar, i could choose anything and the guy singing on coach to the next place was lots of fun

reviewed by thomas from Australia on Aug.21.2017

VIP Club Card

We had the vip card for 3 nights and worked so well, no lines for us :}}}

reviewed by jim from United Kingdom on Aug.21.2017


A homey vibe and nice brunch and cocktails. Worth to visit day or night time.

reviewed by Nora from Hungary on Aug.02.2017

Barcelona Boat Party

Hi Sam, check the link for BBQ parties... they have two Sunday departures a day, although they do sell out quickly. Nothing on Mondays though I'm afraid.

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Jul.29.2017

Barcelona Boat Party

Any boat party on Sunday & Monday...

reviewed by Sam from India on Jul.25.2017

Opium Barcelona

Legendary venue for amazing music and the beautiful people in one place.

reviewed by Daniel from Brazil on Jul.15.2017

Opium Barcelona

Do not go to this club!!!! 9 girls went sat night and was approached by a disgusting little man saying he was the owner he was basically so rude to my friends and made one apologise for saying to the other girls let's get going or he wasn't going to let her in!!b he then came over to our table and tired to get one of my friends to talk to him when she politely told him she was married and not interested he walked off only for the bouncer to come over and say finished we had to leave!! I told the bouncer this was disgusting and sexually harassment! Because my friend doesn't want to talk to him he is chucking us out!! My friend then then went over to him and asked what we had done he said if we all went over to him individually and apologised he would let us stay!!! How dare any man think he can treat any women like this!! We had done nothing! And agin because we refused this horrible disgusting vile little loner of a man got the bouncer to come over and ask us to leave again! Any girls thinking of going to this club don't!! He said he was from Hatfield and the owner so if you see him stay well away!!!

reviewed by Lyndsey johnstone from United Kingdom on May.08.2017

Barcelona Boat Party

We are now accepting bookings for the 2017 season! In fact some boats in March are already sold out... so don't hang around if you want to join us on the Med. this summer!

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Feb.23.2017


I agree they should educate their security guards but price is not too much high if you are group of five.

reviewed by Steve from Spain on Dec.09.2016

Belushi's Bar

Amazing staff and atmosphere. Good crowd. Great for the match or to mingle. I like the fact that it's not as cramped as many other bars in this town.

reviewed by Amit from United Kingdom on Oct.31.2016

Alternative Pub Crawl

Amazing night! Our guide took us to all kinds of fun bars we never would have found otherwise. Definitely the best night out we had in Barcelona.

reviewed by Jessica from United States on Oct.04.2016


Popped in for a cocktail the other night. There's a romantic nook on the second floor perfect for date night. Downstairs the open plan allows for conversation and mingling. Some of the best cocktails for the price in Barcelona and really lovely decor!

reviewed by DSR from United Kingdom on Aug.15.2016

Barcelona Nightlife Tour

Great energy people thanks a lot!!! You made OUR Saturday a day that will remain unforgetable thanks

reviewed by Andys Christodoulou from United Kingdom on May.19.2016

Barcelona Boat Party

Hi guys, I'm looking to move over to barcelona for the summer and would love to work on the boat party. I work as a hospitality manager currently in London. Where do I send over my CV? Get me on Cheers, Bruno

reviewed by Bruno Santos - Costa from United Kingdom on May.11.2016

Barcelona Boat Party

Hey Darren, saw your email and just checking for you and you should hear back tomorrow. Regarding your questions its beer and sangria only (not spirits) but unlimited within reason for the duration of the party. Club entry depends on the day, but it's always one of the better clubs in town.

reviewed by Barcelona Life team from Spain on May.05.2016

Barcelona Boat Party

Hi, I have sent this on email with no reply.. please can you let me know the below.. I am looking to book the boat party (legendary) for 18 people on the 14th May, can you let me know what drink are included, ie, beers wines spirits, sangria.. and for how long? Also, what clubs does it give us entry to?

reviewed by Darren from United Kingdom on May.05.2016

Slow Barcelona

Very nice bar with great cocktails and good vibes every time I've been there. Surrounded by night clubs it's probably the best place for classy first drinks.

reviewed by Carol from Spain on Apr.20.2016

Slow Barcelona

Awesome club! Been there a few times and always had a blast. We also rented a room once to organise our own party - and everything went just perfect. They have great drinks (gin tonic and whisky sour rocks!) and nice service:) 10/10

reviewed by Julia from Spain on Apr.20.2016

Barcelona Boat Party

Dear Travellers, don't miss out on one of the most fun activities in BCN this summer... some boats in June are sold out already! But check the departures (we have A LOT for 2016!) via the reservation links provided and you should be able to get on board on the dates you want! Having said that we did have to turn quite a few people away in 2015 though, so do book early if you can... if you leave it to the last minute you will be taking a gamble! Let us know if you have any questions or problems with the booking system - just write to. Cheers, Duncan (The Editor).

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Mar.29.2016