Barcelona culture reviews

Here are the latest Barcelona cultural reviews, in reverse order. If you'd like to add your own comments about any cultural joint in Barcelona, simply find the appropriate page for that particular gallery, museum, etc, and submit your review there! We look forward to your comments.

Placa de Sant Felip Neri

One of my favourite spots in the city. Even in the crowded center it is often quiet here.

reviewed by Maria from Poland on Jul.04.2017

La Sagrada Familia


reviewed by from Belarus on Jan.10.2017


One of the best museums in Barcelona - they always have a selection of genuinely interesting exhibitions. Plus, you can go for free on Sundays!

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Apr.04.2016

Santa Maria Del Mar

This is such a pretty church - definitely make sure to look in if you're in the area. The stained glass is amazing!

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.29.2016

Palau de la Musica Catalana

Great place to visit! You have to go at a specific hour and have a guided tour around, but that means that it doesn't feel crowded at all. It's super cool inside and the guide was great at explaining all the details. Definitely a must-see.

reviewed by Sarah123 from United States on Apr.29.2015

Poetry Brothel

Something very different for sure!

reviewed by Esther from Spain on Mar.23.2015

La Sagrada Familia

Definitely a must-see in Barcelona! I like the outside better than the inside. But it's worth going inside because when do you ever get to see something like this halfway through being built?

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.13.2015

Picasso Museum

I'm not super into Picasso but went anyway because it was free on Sunday afternoon, and I was really glad I did. This is a really good museum, and I was very surprised by how much different stuff they had by Picasso there. Definitely worth a visit!

reviewed by Jess123 from United States on Mar.10.2015

Passeig del Born

Several great bars like Borne 18 on either side of this Passeig... always busy, but not as touristic as Ramblas. One of the nicest spots just to chill out and later at night have a few beers. There are not many nightclubs in the area although Magic is fun if you like rock music

reviewed by Armando from Brazil on Mar.07.2015


Worth climbing the hill for and you can easily combine a visit with some of Montjuic's other attractions. Just nearby (at the bottom of the hill) is the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion.

reviewed by Pola from United States on Feb.16.2015

Flamenco Barcelona

A wonderful experience for the whole family. The theatre had a very romantic "old world" atmosphere and the performers lived up to expectations with their "duende" and passion.

reviewed by Joelle P. from United States on Jan.28.2015

Santa Maria Del Mar

A wonderful example of Gothic architecture. There's also a delightful wine bar called La Vinya del Senyor just in the square underneath which you should check out if you are passing by.

reviewed by Sophie from Denmark on Jan.19.2015

Casa Mila

Like all of Gaudi's buildings it's a mindboggling architectural rollercoaster ride. I prefer the colours and inventiveness of Casa Batllo but this boasts a more impressive scale

reviewed by Reece from United Kingdom on Jan.12.2015

Joan Miro Foundation

A highly influential artist who luckily has the museum space he deserves.

reviewed by Tanya from United States on Sep.22.2014

Placa Catalunya

The ice rink is up and running! Good times!

reviewed by Debs from United States on Dec.18.2013

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada... it's incredible, stunning and demands attention, and without a doubt up close it's one of the ugliest buildings I have seen. There's a reason why the question - "does the word 'gaudy' roiginate from 'Gaud'" - gets asked so often. Nonetheless, I think the world would be a lesser place without it, as it would when it tries to muffle art/expression.

reviewed by Marcus from Spain on Jun.25.2013


Somewhat random collection but there's some very interesting pieces in it. Plus the building itself is worth the visit!

reviewed by Alexandra from Austria on Jun.23.2013

La Sagrada Familia

Visited here in 2006, walked all the way from Le Seu Cathedral on a lovely sunny Sunday thro the city streets. Aweaome sight to behold...pity I won't be around to see it finished(or maybe I will - who knows)!

reviewed by Ken Hanrahan from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2013

La Seu Cathedral

Visited here in 2006. Went up to the roof ...well worth the visit with spectacular views of the city. Beautiful Cathedral.

reviewed by Ken Hanrahan from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2013

Placa Reial

Olivier - 'We do not have an open container law in Spain - it's perfectly legal to drink a can of beer while out on the street or in a public square. ' ??? You must be a tourist. It is completely illegal to drink on the street in Barcelona. The fine is up to 1500. Now, can you drink on the street without getting in trouble? Of course, many people do everyday. But don't spread misinformation as some poor visitor might end up with an unexpected fine because of your advice. If you want to drink on the street in Catalyunia please do so with discretion, for your sake and for the sake of the locals, who generally frown upon public intoxication.

reviewed by David from Spain on Feb.27.2013


A great space. They normally hold the World Press Exhibition here each year and that's def. one to look out for... also used during Sonar by day festival! Never made it to Gandules but will try this year. Sounds great.

reviewed by kathryn from Canada on Jan.29.2013

Liceu Theatre

One of the most impressive auditoriums in Europe

reviewed by Nick from United Kingdom on Jan.29.2013

Base Elements

The new location is brilliant and much better than the one hidden away before. With the downstairs as well BE has become one of the biggest and best contemporary street art galleries around.

reviewed by John from United Kingdom on Jan.29.2013

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

It's easy to miss this little gem lying on the base of Montjuic mountain near Plaza Espanya but definitely worth a visit if you're into architecture. Warning: there is not much to see and tickets are quite expensive if you consider that fact, however at the very least you should see it from the outside. I found inside the architecture has a very calming aura.

reviewed by Orla from United States on Jan.29.2013

Palau Guell

Nearly the entire palace is open to the public - including the roof. You will regret missing this place. It's uncrowded and has been beautifully resorted. Sagrada Familia is spectacular for its size and history, but Guell Palace is equally spectacular for its attention to detail and glimpse into the lifestyle of Spain's most famous industrialist and Gaudi's biggest supporter.

reviewed by SJT from United States on Sep.06.2012