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address: Parc de Montju´c

tel: +34 (93) 4439470

fax: +34 (93) 3298609

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Opened in 1975, in an awarding winning museum building designed by Josep Lluis Sert, the Joan Miro Foundation pays homage to the amazing achievements of one of Catalonia's leading lights. Born in Barcelona in 1893, and living to the ripe old age of 100, Joan Miro was a painter, sculpturer and ceramicist who challenged the conventions of art and gained a reputation comparable with Dali and Picasso for his pioneering work. The Foundation holds 14,000 of his pieces, which were influenced by the avant garde and surrealist movements amongst others. Brash and bold, abstract and full of primary colours, his signature paintings invariably provoke a reaction from their beholders; and with titles like 'Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement' you know you're in for an artistic rollercoaster of a ride. Admission is 8.5 euros and the museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 7pm, on Sundays 10am to 2:30pm.

Joan Miro Foundation

A highly influential artist who luckily has the museum space he deserves.

reviewed by Tanya from United States on Sep.22.2014

Never understood the appeal of Miro, an artist apparently obsessed with faeces. The building is nice and I would still recommend a visit if only to form your own opinion...

reviewed by Steve from United Kingdom on Apr.23.2012

Seriously weird but I love Joan Miro's work. One of the highlights of our stay in Barcelona. There's also a lot of other cool things to see on Montjuic mountain and we were glad we spent a day exploring the area

reviewed by Lauren from United Kingdom on May.24.2010