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address: Parc de Montju´c

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The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya - that's the National Museum of Catalan Art to you - is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Barcelona culture circuit. The museum's palatial building, perched imperiously on Montjuic hill, justifies the trip alone, especially the Oval Hall where the 1992 Olympic ceremonies took place - but of course it's the art that grabs the headlines. The MNAC's permanent collections provide a complete timeline of Catalan art, from the Romanesque period to the Avant Garde, and cover every discipline from sculpture and painting to posters and engraving. The most arresting material comes from Barcelona's hay-day in the early 20th Century and works by Picasso, Ramon Casas, Camarasa and Gaudi will make you realise just how rich Catalan culture is! The museum is open 10am to 7pm (or 2:30pm on Sundays), except Mondays, and general admission is 8.5 euros. Thanks to the views of the Magic Fountains the museum is also a popular gathering place by night.


Worth climbing the hill for and you can easily combine a visit with some of Montjuic's other attractions. Just nearby (at the bottom of the hill) is the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion.

reviewed by Pola from United States on Feb.16.2015

The Camarasa paintings are amazing. This is a good museum to combine with a sunset trip to Magic Fountain... just check your timings.

reviewed by Big D from United States on Dec.16.2011

My favourite museum in Barcelona, the MNAC building is awesome and its impressive to visit as you ascend the hill via escalators with the Caixa Forum on one side and the two Venetian-style towers near Placa Espana. I found the early Christian art got a bit samey pretty soon, but upstairs there was a great array of art, when art was evolving, exciting and experimental but before all the crap stuff started.

reviewed by Adam from United Kingdom on Jun.14.2010