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Arguably Barcelona's most iconic square, the Placa Reial (or 'Plaza Real' to give it its Spanish name), is a beautiful quadrangle in the Gothic Quarter flanked on each side by ochre houses with wooden shutters and decorated with palm trees, Gaudi-designed streetlamps, public seats and a bronze fountain. One of the city's social hubs, there's always something going on in Placa Reial, as tourists sip their sangrias in the many restaurants and cervecerias or crack open an illegal can of beer sold under the policemens' noses by impish immigrants. As day turns to night, clubs like Sidecar and Jamboree quickly fill up with backpackers and other party animals as the plaza becomes a centre of Barcelona's nightlife.

Placa Reial

Olivier -

'We do not have an open container law in Spain - it's perfectly legal to drink a can of beer while out on the street or in a public square. '


You must be a tourist.

It is completely illegal to drink on the street in Barcelona. The fine is up to 1500.

Now, can you drink on the street without getting in trouble? Of course, many people do everyday. But don't spread misinformation as some poor visitor might end up with an unexpected fine because of your advice.

If you want to drink on the street in Catalyunia please do so with discretion, for your sake and for the sake of the locals, who generally frown upon public intoxication.

reviewed by David from Spain on Feb.27.2013

Why do you say "illegal can of beer"? We do not have an open container law in Spain - it's perfectly legal to drink a can of beer while out on the street or in a public square.

reviewed by Oliver from United States on Feb.22.2012

placa reial is the catalan name for plaza real

reviewed by from Finland on Jul.11.2011

Whatever its called the square is so beautiful especially when the sunlight is touching the apartments around the edge and the top of the palm trees. Amazing that you can find such a place in the middle of the city

reviewed by Red from United States on Sep.21.2010

Why is it called Placa Reial if Plaza Real is the Spanish name? Confused

reviewed by Benji from United States on Jan.25.2010

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I could spend all day in Placa Reial/Plaza Real! Such a colorful human circus... bring your sketch book!

reviewed by Casey from United States on Jan.08.2010



reviewed Apr.04.2016
"One of the best museums in Barcelona - they always have a selection of genu..."
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