Sant Miquel del Fai

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address: Sant Feliu de Codines


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Around an hour's drive north of Barcelona, the nature reserve of Sant Miquel del Fai undoubtedly constitutes one of Catalonia's most breathtakingly landscapes. Here the Tenes river runs through the Barti cliffs creating a dramatic landscape of waterfalls, pools and rock faces. Small wonder then that this divine spot was chosen as a place of worship as early as 997 AD when Count Gombau Besora built a monastery under the cliffs. That monastery is still standing and today's visitors can hike up the mountain, through the valley, pass under the waterfalls, visit the Tosques caves with their impressive stalactites, and of course enter the ancient abbey and cave-church. Reaching Sant Miquel del Fai by public transport is a bit tricky and your best bet is to either hire a car, or sign up for a guided hike that leaves from Barcelona. Our partners organise hiking tours which leave BCN every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am and return around 3-4pm for 65 euros per person. There's only 8 people per tour, so email us with your group size and preferred dates if you'd like us to reserve you a place.

Sant Miquel del Fai

Words can't describe how amazing this place is! I'm so glad we did this and not Montserrat. I'm sure Montserrat would be excellent too but I heard it's very touristy and this was beautifully serene. Just a few other tourists and us. I went with the husband and kids and they all loved it. You have to wear sensible footwear if you want to enter the caves and best bring some sunscreen for when you're outdoors but other than that there's not mch to say. Just go and enjoy!

reviewed by Patricia from United States on Nov.14.2011