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If you've seen Barcelona's stone mammoth in the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella and been inspired, how about a close encounter with the real thing at this bizarre but brilliant tribute to one of the world's largest creatures? The Mammoth Museum features some unbelievable treasures, including one of the best-preserved proboscidean skeletons on the planet (it's huge!) as well as a 5-metre-high life-sized reconstruction of a mammoth using yak hair, which helps you visualise these giant beasts roaming the earth during the Ice Age. Best of all visitors are encouraged to touch and hold virtually all of the museum's displays, which include fossilised teeth of these ancient elephants, and the horn (which, as you will learn, is made of hair!) of the woolly rhinoceros. The friendly staff will happily tell you more about all the exhibits, from the cave bear skeletons to the millennia-old tusks and dried skin of the mammoths themselves. Not sure if it's for you? There's plenty more attractions and treasures to explore in our culture section, so take a gander.

Mammoth Museum

Some interesting exhibits. I especially liked the cave bear skeleton and the fossilized teeth and tusks. At times the museum felt a bit cheesy but overall it was a nice surprise. Ironically given it's a museum about the ice age it kept us warm and interested during a cold winter's day in Barcelona.

reviewed by Eliot from United Kingdom on Mar.07.2012

I couldn't believe our kids were actually allowed to touch so many of the exhibits. I was terrified they would break them. But thankfully they didn't! Needless to say they loved it, and as an adult I was impressed too. It's not the biggest museum, which is perhaps a good thing as well. I'd definitely recommend for children and maybe adults with a special interest in the ice age.

reviewed by John Finch from United Kingdom on Sep.13.2011

El museo del Mamut tiene los esquiletos auntenticos de edad de Hielo. Tambien hay copies de pinturas repestras. Es muy interesante.

reviewed by Anna from Russia on Jul.19.2011

Me gusta el museo del mammut!

reviewed by Sandra from United States on Feb.22.2011

a greate museum and friendly stuffs! nice that you can touch everything! and its all authentic! incredible! im recomending definitely go there!:)

reviewed by andrea from Argentina on Feb.09.2011

Small, but cool museum in the center of Barcelona.
Also you can buy some stuff for thouthands of euros in the museum's shop :)

reviewed by Alex from Russia on Nov.04.2010

Very funny museum with so many interesting artefacts from the icey age. It was great that you could touch everything.

reviewed by Simone from France on Oct.25.2010

A great museum, and I loved all the stories that the staff told me... especially that the origins of the Cyclops story came from a mammoth skull!

reviewed by Duncan from United Kingdom on Apr.17.2010