Latin Rhythms: Dancing Salsa in Barcelona

Originally a Cuban dance form (as opposed to the strictly Spanish music/dance form of flamenco), nonetheless salsa is nearly as popular in Barcelona as that other great Cuban invention - the mojito - thanks to the large cross pollination of cultures between Latin America and Spain. And in fact with salsa going global, a large number of European and American expats are also joining in on a scene that traditionally has been championed by Barcelona's South American communities.

Right now in BCN you'll find dozens of salsa clubs and bars where you can swing your hips to a latin rhythm on a Saturday night. Many of them even offer beginners free lessons on weekday evenings to learn the basic steps and start to join in the fun. For those staying in the city for a little longer, who want to take up the dance seriously, there are also a number of salsa schools where you take regular classes, at all leves, beginner through to advanced (although you might need to polish up your Spanish language skills).

Below we've listed a few such places to get you started.

Above: All smiles at a beginners class

Barcelona Salsa Clubs & Bars

Mojito Club
Probably the most famous of Barcelona's late night salsa venues, this ballroom-style disco is a great place to mingle with some of the city's glamorous movers and shakers. Thursday is the best night for dancing as it's salsa all night long, whereas on Friday and Saturday the music switches from strictly salsa to late night latin grooves, allowing for all and sundry to take to the floor. Sunday nights are geared up for beginners.
C/Rossellon 217

Shango Latin Bar
A tiny nook of a dance venue in the Gothic Quarter, what it lacks in space Shango makes up for with charisma. Free lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and "crisis" priced mojitos (4 euros).
C/Groch 2

Info on schools and classes coming soon!

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Question...In Spain, is the break in salsa danced more commonly on the "1" or the "2"?

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