Learn Spanish in Barcelona

There's nothing like the full immersion effect to get you started in your journey towards learning a foreign language, and it goes without saying that the best place to learn Spanish is right here in sunny Spain. And although (as any Catalan will doubtless tell you, whether you ask them or not) Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and has its own Catalan language, the city's most used tongue remains Spanish thanks to a large number of residents from other parts of Spain as well as a sizeable population of South Americans and Spanish-speaking foreigners.

The benefits of being able to practice Spanish every day with barmen, waitresses, bus drivers, new amigos, your class mates and your new surrogate family (many language schools in Barcelona can arrange homestays), are huge in terms of supplementing the progress you make during lessons, whilst the beautiful city of Barcelona will make your studying feel like a holiday... hot beaches, Gaudi-designed architecture, tasty tapas restaurants, and scores of hip and happening bars and clubs will prove a welcome distraction to grappling with your dictionary.

If you're dead set on learning Spanish in Spain, then Barcelona has an appealing array of professional language schools to choose from. With a large selection of different courses - for beginners through to experts, and from private through to classroom tuition, some with homestay or other accommodation options - you'll have no trouble finding a course that suits your needs. And if you've decided you're more Catalan than Joan Laporta himself, you can also sign up for lessons in the language of noble 'Catalunya', and really impress the locals.

Above: Getting to grips with the local lingo

Barcelona Language Schools

Please find below some of the very best academies in town, along with some details of what they offer.

Speakeasy BCN
A leading language school in Barcelona, Speakeasy offers a range of Spanish courses from intensive to extensive, and also offers private tuition and evening classes - all at very good prices (the cheapest in Barcelona to our knowledge!). Run by a friendly team, with professional native-Spanish-speaking teachers and with a great location right in the heart of the city (5 mins from Placa Catalunya), Speakeasy ticks all the right boxes for you to start learning Spanish in Barcelona!
Ronda Universitat 7

Ole Languages
Ole Languages is a young and highly professional language school centrally located on the left side of the Eixample district, close to the Passeig de Gracia boulevard. Small and friendly they offer an antidote to some of the larger schools, with more emphasis on closer individual attention. Ole's classrooms are limited to just 8 students, and their teachers are highly qualified, experienced - and passionate about their job! The school has a range courses (intensive, semi-intensive, evening classes and private tuition) and some of the most competitive prices in Barcelona. Not only that but they are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. Put them on your shortlist!
C/Mallorca 201

Linguaschools Barcelona
Linguaschools Barcelona is a medium-sized school which pays great individual attention to each of its students. The school building is located on a car-free street in the city centre and has a pleasant garden for students to relax before or after classes. Teachers are enthusiastic and highly skilled. They offer many different courses for all levels, all year round and for a fair price. Definitely one of the better options to check out before you get out your credit card!
Pasaje Permanyer 17

Camino Barcelona
Whereas most schools will be able to help you find a place to stay in Barcelona (be it homestays, shared flats or private studio apartments), Camino is the only academy in the city with its own onsite accommodation. Here on the premises, as well as light and airy classrooms, you'll find ten student apartments with fully-fitted kitchens, dining area, flat screen TV and free WiFi access. Not only that but all students can chill out and socialise on the three sun-kissed terraces, or take advantage of the library and work stations. Camino adopts a "communicative" style of teaching and courses available include intensive, business, private and evening classes.
C/Comte d’Urgell 78

Dime Language School
A young and innovative school, based in the trendy district of Gracia, Dime offers an innovative approach to learning Spanish here in Barcelona. For example classes consist of no more than eight students, and all lessons follow a communicative style of teaching, designed to help you get speaking in real life situations as quickly as possible. Courses on offer include intensive and extensive courses of all levels, as well as private conversation classes and even Saturday morning lessons - great if you've got a hectic work schedule. Dime also teaches Catalan (Barcelona's other official language, spoken by around 9 million people).
C/Berna 5 - 7

Version Original BCN
Founded in 1998 by a team of young, qualified and professional teachers, and now with nearly two decades of teaching Spanish as a second language, Version Original has won the praises of students from all corners of the globe. They offer very affordable lessons (whether you're interested in intensive, extensive or private tuition), small classroom sizes, and best of all they are located a stone's throw from Placa Catalunya - so you won't find a more centrally located academy.
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 636, 1/1a

Don Spanish
Setting up shop in the hip district of Poblenou, just a few blocks from the beach, this modern academy, with workspace, terrace and wifi, offers intensive courses of between 20 and 30 hours a week for students of all levels. They place a great emphasis on engaging with the local culture, and teachers often take students for walks around the city to practice the language and learn about the local customs, lifestyle and architecture at the same time as improving their español. For those that want to go further check out their action package that combines intensive lessons with regional activities like cooking and salsa dancing. More info and prices on their website.
C/Almogavers 165

Hopefully this page has inspired you to sign up for some lessons and start your journey towards mastering a language spoken by an estimated 550 million people worldwide. If you want a little head start check out our guide to Spanish, complete with listen and repeat phrases.

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International People in Sant Gervasi was very good and cheap specially private classes are cheap and the teacher excellent

reviewed by sarah from France on Sep.22.2016

Hola,soy francesa y me gustaria estudiar en una escuela de idiomas en Barcelona para mejorar mi español. Estoy comparando las diferentes escuelas pero quiero saber cual es la mas barato porfavor y tener aconsejos. Gracias.

reviewed by Mareva from France on Aug.27.2016

Oxfordhouse is NOT the cheapest, its Ole, which offer 4 week intensive course (20 lessons/week) for 400 EUR.

reviewed by Christine Frafjord from Norway on Aug.18.2016

The cheapest school is Oxford house. No registration fee, no need to pay for books.
How much you learn depends a lot on teachers. One month I learned a lot, but next month - nothing.

reviewed by Dovi from Lithuania on Jul.04.2016

Hi Santos, the cost of learning depends on the course and the academy. The more intensive courses cost more per week, but have more hours and in fact work out cheaper per hour of tuition. Group classes are cheaper per hour (normally work out 5 to 10 euros per hour), whilst individual/private lessons cost double or triple that. I suggest you take the time to look at the websites of the places listed above to find which suits you best.

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Sep.29.2015

Hi ,some body please help me how much cost does it takes to learn Spanish language in Barcelona?or some body please advise me where is the cheapest school or university?

reviewed by santos from Nepal on May.31.2015

hi, everybody , i want to learn deutch language , is any one teach to learn german language .

reviewed by komal preet from Spain on Dec.07.2014

After visiting some schools mentioned above I chose for Linguaschools Barcelona. Mainly because the school is very centrally located, the building is awesome and staff were very friendly. There was a great vibe altogether, I learned a lot of Spanish and I had a great experience! Highly recommendable.

reviewed by St_Johnson from United States on Sep.10.2014

Booked my place for summer 2014! Can't wait to experience the city and the culture - and of course pick up the local lingo! Thanks for the info. This was very helpful in my research!!!

reviewed by Miriam from United Kingdom on Apr.06.2014

Definetly Barcelona is the BEST place to enjoy Spain: beach, nightlife, architecture, great food, music festivals, FC Barcelona... But you also can study Spanish here! There are a lot of schools, many of them with great professionals teachers. About the methodology, nearly all of them offer the same good communicative courses designed to speak from the very first lessons. Check a site that offers courses and more activities for free!

reviewed by sergi from Spain on Apr.10.2013

Four weeks intensive classes will certainly get you off to a good start, and you should have a firm grasp of the grammar and enough vocabulary to get you through 90% of day to day situations! Obviously don't expect to be fluent though. For that you'll need to live in a Spanish speaking country practicing the language every day

reviewed by Editor from Spain on Mar.29.2012

want to go to spain to learn the language. Want to go 4 weeks, wondering if this will be enough time to learn enough? Any advice?

reviewed by lian from United States on Jan.03.2012

Yo recomiendo estudiar en una nueva escuela con pizarras digitales y material interactivo, y los profesores son buenisimos !!!

reviewed by Lydia Boyero from Spain on Jul.07.2011

Ya hablo espanol un pocito pero quiero mejorarme. Que escuela es el mejor por los estudiantes intermedio? Tambien quiero aprender las palabrotas no solo las palabras formales.

reviewed by Johann from Belgium on Mar.22.2011

Currently enjoying a great course with Ole languages. Spanish is definitely not as easy as everyone says but it's no Mandarin. Getting there!

reviewed by Slinky from United Kingdom on Mar.02.2011

I'm from the UK (keep it real) not states...

reviewed by El Wonderboy from United Kingdom on Jan.12.2011

Can't wait to get me @rse down to sunny Spain and start learning the lingo (well technically continue learning but not such Grade C GSCE counts for much). I hope the weather is suitably scorchio in March/April. I'm going to hit the beach whatever anyways!

reviewed by El Wonderboy from United States on Jan.12.2011

I studied Spanish in both Salamanca and BCN and although I might have maybe learnt a fraction more in Salamanca that was because there was less to do. Barcelona nightlife and whole student experience was way better and had a blast

reviewed by Ismael from United States on Sep.27.2010

I'm currently studying at Speak Easy language school in Barcelona and enjoying myself a lot, and my Spanish is improving quicker than I anticipated (given my lack of language skills). The lessons are well structured and we seem to get through a lot in just 3 hours (the length of the evening lesson classes). The teachers are all incredibly friendly and nice - and patient. Most of them speak great English, which I find handy on occasions, although obviously 99% of the lesson takes place in Spanish.

reviewed by DSR from United Kingdom on Apr.19.2010

Do you know of a language school in Barcelona that teaches beginner Catalan over the summer?

reviewed by Julie from United States on Apr.09.2010

Hi Alla. You're right that Barcelona is part of Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain, but in fact all Catalan people speak Spanish as well as Catalan, and Spanish is still the most common language on the street by far. Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city with many residents originating from different regions of Spain, South America, Europe and Asia... all of these people speak Spanish, and not Catalan.

Overall Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for learning Spanish because of its excellent climate, great nightlife, and wonderful architecture! So I'm sure if you come here you will have an amazing time - as well as learning lots of Spanish! Let me know if you have any more questions. Saludos.

reviewed by The Editor from Spain on Mar.16.2010

I heard Barcelona is not the best place to speak Spanish in Spain because of the Catalan dialect presence. I would dearly love to come to Barcelona to study - it is my dream! But is it good to learn Spanish in this city? I must know!

reviewed by Alla from Russia on Mar.08.2010

What's the average cost of Spanish lessons in Barcelona? How many euros per lesson, per week etc? Does anyone know which is the cheapest language school?

reviewed by Ralphie from Ireland on Jan.27.2010

I studied at Don Quixote language school in Barcelona. Had a great time... I didn't actually learn that much Spanish because I was too busy partying, but that wasn't really teh language schools fault!!! Next time I come to Spain I need to concentrate a bit more on teh actual learning Spanish part of the trip! Btw I know that they have their own language - Catalan - in Barcelona, but we didn't have any problems getting buy just with Castellano/Castilian. So don't worry if you are weighing up which city to study in.

reviewed by Callum from United States on Dec.07.2009

Great website! I've been searching for a language course since I arrived in Barcelona. All of my friends recommend Speakeasy Barcelona because the teachers are great but I will have a look at IH thanks for the info!

reviewed by Ana from United States on Nov.23.2009