Kitesurfing in Barcelona Spain

With Gaudi's amazing architecture, scintillating nightlife and delicious Catalan cuisine, you might have thought that there was already plenty of reasons to visit Barcelona, Spain's glamorous Mediterranean city - but nowadays we can add one more factor. Perfect kitesurfing conditions.

Barcelona exploded in popularity as a kitesurfing destination in the late noughties, thanks to the reliable smooth onshore winds and plenty of beaches where you can access the calm open water, as well as comfortable temperatures. Naturally, all of the above also make Barcelona - along with other nearby locations on Spain's Costa Brava (such as Castelldefels, St. Pere Pescadors, Empuriabrava, Sitges and Tarragona) - the perfect place for beginners to learn kitesurfing. That's why you'll find a number of professional schools, offering kite surfing lessons, courses and even all-inclusive kitesurfing holidays in this very region!

Above: A kiteboarder tests the waters of the Costa Brava, Spain

Zipping across the waves with only a kite and Mother Nature to propel you is an unbeatable rush, and the challenge of learning this technical sport (you should be able to become proficient in just a couple of days with the right instructors!) makes for an unforgettable holiday in Barcelona! What's more the kitesurfing community are a lot of fun to hang out with, so at the same time as enjoying your lessons you'll be making new friends. And then there's always Barcelona's Modernista masterpieces, all night parties and tasty cuisine to keep you busy when you're not battling the wind and the waves!

Barcelona Kitesurfing Schools

Once you've decided you want to learn to kitesurf in Spain, it's important to find the right school with professional instructors to get you started! As well as simple beginners' lessons, most schools offer courses lasted several days or even week long kitesurfing holidays with accommodation and logistics sorted! We've made a note of your best options below. If you're already an advanced kitesurfer/kiteboarder you will find that many of the schools offer kite hire and other equipment rental. The season lasts from late March to early November so there's plenty of opportunity to grab a kite and board and get started.

Kitesurfing Barcelona
Kitesurfing Barcelona travel experts are in contact with a number of great schools in Barcelona, Castelldefels and nearby on the Costa Brava. They can book you lessons with a professional instructor, or find the perfect kitesurfing course for your level and needs. Plus they don't charge a booking fee! A great one stop shop to get you flying!

We'll bring you a more comprehensive list of kite surfing schools in and around Barcelona and the rest of Spain soon... but if you fancy getting airborne elsewhere you can check out this excellent directory of kite surfing schools worldwide. Meanwhile you might want to check out our article on water sports in Barcelona, which has info on a whole range of other adrenaline-boosting sea-based activities, such as sailing, windsurfing, sports fishing and sea kayaking.

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Hi there,

Kitsurfing in bcn is getting really big.
They also do trips to costa brava (70min) and delta del ebro with the lagoon (120min).


reviewed by kite66 from Spain on May.09.2011

Empuriabrava is the best place for boarding in the Costa Brava IMHO... probably the best in Spain

reviewed by Mad dog from United States on Mar.18.2011

learned kitesurfing in the north of barcelona in the bay of rosas. beautyful beaches up there, thanks to lawind kiteschool for the fantastic days!

reviewed by peter from United States on Nov.01.2010

Really enjoyed learning how to kitesurf. We had wind every day when I was here which was lucky. Instructors were friendly Dutch girls. I plan to return to Spain next year to improve my techniques.

reviewed by Denis from Turkey on Jun.25.2010

Barcelona is definitely the best place for kitesurfing in Spain... there's a great kitesurfers community and such an awesome city too!

reviewed by GZ Lover from United States on May.12.2010