Barcelona Gyms: Keeping Fit & Healthy!

What with its city beaches for posing on, proud legacy in the field of sports and leisure, and a nightlife scene abounding in exclusive 'see and be seen' type venues, Barcelona is probably not the best place to look a bit flabby around the edges. Ok, it's not quite Miami or L.A on the superficial front, but singletons in particular might want to incorporate a regular health and fitness regime into their Barcelona lifestyle if they want to impress the opposite sex - otherwise guys you might be overlooked for beach volley ball playing hunks with perfect pecs, whilst girls might never find Mr. Right if they can't compete with the sprightly forms of the local senoritas.

Of course working out isn't just about looking your best, it's about feeling it too, and the health benefits of joining one of Barcelona's gyms should be weighed up against the membership fees. Too many patatas bravas and cervezas are hardly good for your heart, and a regular cardiovascular work out might be just the detox your body needs. Meanwhile stressed-out office workers and entrepreneurs might find a visit to the gym the perfect way to combat mental pressure and re-energise limbs that spend too long slouching in front of a computer.

Above: Pumping iron!

...And finally don't forget the social benefits of joining a gym, health club or fitness class either. More than one happy couple first fell in love thanks to the Thigh Master machine, or by returning a sweaty towel left by the treadmill. Whilst an aerobics or pilates class is a great way to make new friends, especially if you're new to the city.

Barcelona Gyms & Health/Fitness Centres

Club Natacio Atletic Barceloneta
A favourite gym with locals the 'Swimming Club Athletic Barceloneta' is a sports complex located right on the beach front as you head up from the Barceloneta district towards the imposing W Hotel. With two outdoor swimming pools and one indoor there's plenty of splashing around opportunities, whilst there's still space for a spa, 1,200 metres squared of weight training facilities and three studios offering everything from yoga to Tai Chi classes.
Placa del Mar

More recommended gyms, sports clubs and fitness centres coming soon!

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Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a marvellous job! Please keep on posting such quality articles,

reviewed by DennisParker from Singapore on Jun.12.2014

Theresīs two Barceloneta clubs: the one i,m speaking about is the first one you come to as if you were riding towards the W Hotel. People & staff are very friendly and it,s right on the beach.If you don,t live in Bcneta it,s a bit of a pain to get to.The place could do with an "uplift", new water pumps/filters or something life that and an improvement on the general hygiene aspects is needed.

reviewed by Chris from Spain on Nov.11.2013

Pity that the staff makes an effort for people not to join. There are a few other better gyms without traffic jams to get there.

reviewed by Dario More Escamez from Spain on Jun.04.2013

Thanks I signed up with the Club Natacion and it's great. It's a little far from my apartment but I take the Bicing and there's a station just nearby

reviewed by Greta from United States on Mar.13.2012